Monday, October 22, 2012

Rihanna is Shooting Diamonds Video! (Pics)

Rihanna shared a few photos with her Navi yesterday and let the cat out of the bag that she's shooting her video for her highly praised first single, Diamonds! The single is from her highly anticipated Unapologetic album out November 19th. In the photos from fans and Rih's camp- you see Rih as gorgeous as ever on set with burning buildings and mayhem.

I envisioned some beautiful video shot on a beach or something with wild horses after listening to the track, but Rihanna and team have a different interpretation of what the hit song's visual should be. It appears to be the end of the world or some major catastrophe that she's standing in the midst of. 

The contrast of her simple and sensual beauty against the burning backdrop symbolizes that she is not consumed by it. Hmm... deep Rih. Considering what her personal life appears to be like lately that story line may ring true to her at the moment. 

Rih is unapologetically sexy on set. She's always pushing the envelope with her wardrobe choices..and yes she changed her hair for the video.

Can't wait to see it!

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