Monday, October 8, 2012

Rihanna Crowned Billboards Top Pop Song Artist of the last TWO Decades

Though Rihanna is just out of the second decade of her actual life, she's making history left and right- or historih as her Navy says. Billboard took a look at Pop music in the time frame of 1992-2012 and found that Rihanna's dominance since 2005 was too obvious to ignore.

It's without questioning that the past few years in pop music have belonged to the 24 yr. old Bajan beauty. With hit after hit -seemingly since her smash Umbrella, Rihanna and her team have managed to release music that the world can't help but relate to.

Umbrella dropped in 2005 and here we are seven years later with her latest release Diamonds steadily climbing charts world wide. While many have suggested that THEY think the pop princess never gives her fan's a moment to miss her due to her dropping new albums every year- the plan seems to be working quite well for Rih and her fans.

Rih's excitement was expressed over twitter with her fans this morning as only she would-

Along with this honor Rihanna holds a few more Billboard records. She has the most chart appearances at a whopping 34, the most top 10s-21 of those, and is tied with her industry bff Katy Perry for most Number 1s, she has nine of those! With Diamonds being as amazing as it is, Im sure these numbers are soon to change.

Rihanna's next studio album, Seven is set to drop in November. I guess the old saying is true, "That Rihanna reign just wont let up."


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