Friday, October 5, 2012

Producer @_ha_BEATSRHYME Remixes Classic Biggie Record

Following the release of @_ha_BeatsRhyme Vol. 1, producer H.unter A.lexander is back with more! The native of Bloomington, IL  is back and releasing a mini series of remixes. In addition to Juicy, the producer has also remixed  Check Me Out - by Lloyd Banks. In a creative and dare I say genius move, HA uses sound/sports clips from Rajon Rondo (basketball), Jimmy Rollins (baseball), Nick De Wit (motocross), Ryan Scheckler (skateboarder), and Kirby Chambliss (pilot) to facilitate the sound of the CME remix.

This popular Juicy record, originally done by the late Biggie Smalls, is sort of his ode to the progression he made in life from struggle to riches. It's considered by many to be a classic Hip Hop record! HA takes a risk in switching up such a classic and familiar song. Keeping the same heavy groove feel, he manages to marry Biggie's rhymes with a brand new track!

The remixes project is set to drop soon, and guarantees to have another classic Hip Hop record as well as a current R&B hit record remixed on it! Can you guess which one's they'll be?! In the meantime, check the Juicy remix out below!

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