Wednesday, October 17, 2012

#PressPlay New Music: @KellyClarkson- Catch My Breath

It's been a short 10 yrs. since Kelly Clarkson became the first American Idol winner. Since then, she's been unstoppable releasing hit song after hit song. Her strong and soulful is delightful no matter if she's singing a ballad or fun pop record. Her voice just works. So much so that after only 10 yrs, her label thinks she has enough great songs to release a greatest hits album.

So, next month they are set to release Greatest Hits- Chapter 1. The title is perfect considering Kelly has a lot of years ahead of her in this industry. To kick things off her brand new single, Catch My Breath hit radio yesterday and it is all you can expect from Kelly. She's consistent every time. The record is pop to it's core but Kelly is sure to give you that edgy rock and sometimes r&b vocal to solidify her sound.

Here is Kelly's new single Catch My Breath and stay tuned for Greatest Hits- Chapter 1 in stores November 19th!

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