Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lil Wayne Talks Kanye West Production on New Album

Well, the last time we saw Weezy on camera it was his hilarious deposition for the lawsuit he filed against the producer of the Carter Documentary. This video isn't as funny, but at least Wayne is willing to talk this time.

Looks like we'll be getting more of the Kanye production that we all love so much on Wayne's next project! Lil Wayne exclusively told MTV that he's working on his I Am Not A Human Being II album and he's got some of the best working on it with him.

Wayne clarifies that not only is Yeezy on it, but that he has a "big hand" in it. That makes me excited, while I love Kanye as an artist, I first fell for him as a producer. He's genius! Check out what Wayne had to say to MTV below!

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