Friday, October 19, 2012

@IndiaArie Pays Tribute to @4EverBrandy at #TrueExclusives Relaunch Party

When I say I am literally wiping tears from my eyes right now, I mean just that. When I was in High School I was so heavily influenced by India.Arie and her music. It freed me. I chopped off all of my hair- was rockin a  mini fro in the 9th grade- not to look like her, but to really look like ME. Growing up in a predominately white town it could be difficult to embrace what your hair was like and how your body was made..India helped me reach that acceptance early.

Her music also helped me with college. I sang, I am Ready for Love a few times and won scholarship money for Spelman. She's been influential. I don't really have to go into how much I love Brandy- I'm sure you get that by now. So to see India paying tribute to Brandy in this video was just too much lovin at one time for me!!!

Brandy's good friend and founder of  Silent, held a launch party for the site last night. Coinciding with Brandy's album release of Two Eleven, he sorta made it a joint celebration.

I watched as Silent worked relentlessly on twitter. Always up. Always trying to figure this out or that out, to make the event special. From the looks of it, it was more than special. It was a moment of clarity. As a HUGE Brandy fan, Ive always wondered if she really knows how impactful she's been.

 No, people don't buy music as much as they should and the accolades and all of that aren't always there publicly, but Brandy is HIGHLY revered amongst her peers and singers/musicians..highly. India.Arie stopped in just after a few dancers paid tribute to Brandy and basically looked Bran in the eye for ALL of us and told her exactly what she really means. Then India sang Brandy's He Is

Listen! I was done! So sweet. She deserved it! Make sure you visit and make sure you get Brandy's new album Two Eleven! Check the footage below. Was also cool to see another great voice that I love Chantae Cann present on backgrounds for India!

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