Tuesday, October 2, 2012

If Karrueche Is "letting go" of Chris Brown -Heres What We Can Learn From Her

Well looks like Chris Brown's girlfriend Karrueche is over the relationship. This morning after a series of tweets from NY club goers- the usually silent Karrueche went on a bit of a twitter rant. The clubbers happened to be in a club with; Bow Wow, Dave Chappelle, Chris Brown... and.. you guessed it.. Rihanna!

What they had to say about Chris & Rihanna's interactions were not reflective of a "just friends" situation. Here's what one clubber witnessed:

This obviously didn't sit too well with Karrueche who- just as those tweets came out tweeted that she "prefers men over boys." Chris & Karrueche have managed thus far to hold on to their relationship through the epic rumors of Chris reuniting with his first love Rihanna. The past couple of months in Chrianna news have brought, the two hanging in France, Rihanna's heartfelt confession to Oprah, the two following each other again on twitter, liking IG pics, and lots of tweets.

Well, it seems as though Karrueche is done holding on. To silence any speculation that she was referring to Chris, when a fan tweeted her to just "let it go"  almost immediately, Karrueche responded.. "Oh, I am."

So.. it appears that after a couple of years together, Karrueche has realized that Chris is not a man.. and that it's time to let go? Hmm.. not sure I believe this all of the way, but if it is true, I wonder what her next move will be.

It is very obvious that Karrueche is always everywhere Chris is.. (even in his home), driving his cars, working for his organization, everywhere. So, with a break up happening or looming, the real work will be removing herself from all of these areas.

Here are a few things we can learn from Karrueche if this break up is true:

1.) Keep your head.. you don't always have to respond to negativity.

2.) Keep your own life- Nothing more sad than to see a woman totally move in and on to a man who hasn't guaranteed her anything.

3.) Know your worth.

4.)Your heart wasn't made for thinking. Huh ney.. any blind person could see that Chris & Rih still had SOMETHING going on. No matter how much your heart brings you into something.. learn to take your brain with you.

You guys know I hate to assume, but with the tweets it's safe to say she's atleast contemplating a break up. I still am on the fence about this "actual" break up though- things happen..only time will tell.

 I wish all parties involved the very best. Karrueche is a smart girl, I think she'll be fine... different.. but fine. Girl just seek and find.  As for Chrianna.. well... the saga continues.

PS.. umm s/o to Team Breezy who are fans of Chris Brown- That is all.


  1. RiRi a homewrecka lol

    1. Not really. Chris been Rih man he was just waiting on a good time to get back to her.I hope they make it this time.