Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Happy BRANday! @4EverBrandy's New Album #TwoEleven is a HIT! + Her Whitney Tribute from Sold Out Show Last night (Vid)

Sheesh. I was one of maybe two fans who didn't download or listen to the full album before it came out this morning. I wanted to really be excited with everybody on the actual release date, and boy were we all excited! The anticipation for Two Eleven has been building for weeks. Fans have witnessed a more confident, happy, and engaging Brandy arise out of a few years of doubting herself. So, we all felt that this album was going to be something special.

I met Brandy a few weeks ago here in Atlanta. Her spirit was humble even amidst a number of fans (myself included) talking her ear off about how amazing she is and how much we love her. She knew then that she was gearing up to release what is easily one of her best pieces of work, but it's not like Brandy to respond in any  way other than a sweet smile and a thank you. That night encouraged my love for her as a person.. last night encouraged my love for her music.

Leading up to the release, Brandy performed at a sold out show in NY. People were tweeting that even in the rain the line to get in was forever long. Once inside others tweeted about how live the crowd was for Brandy. Though I wasn't there I assumed my favorite artist was feeling the love and about to deliver a great show on the eve of a great album dropping. She did just that.

I checked iTunes a record 15 times leading up to 11:30 when it finally started to download. I pressed play and listened carefully. I was hoping to get the "I don't have to skip one song" feeling, along with the flowing vibe she gave us on her classic album, Full Moon. I got both.

Song after song I found myself talking to the computer with the occasional, "Yaaaaaaaaaaaasssss BRAN!!!" as if she could hear me in NY. Tracks started to stick out- first Slower written by Chris Brown, his CBE artist Sevyn, and Breyon Prescott. The groove and arrangement of it are captivating.

Then, there's the message of No Such thing As Too Late, the church in Without You, the range in Hardly Breathing, the real in Do You Know What You Have, and honestly I could just type every song titled on the album in this list. All of them. One after one, they're special.

Fans and peers of the sweet voiced starlet gathered on twitter for our own virtual listening party. All tweeting Brandy praises, and agreeing with one another track after track. The album is that good. It's great. I'm so proud as a long time fan that it's finally here! I hope it is purchased and supported, because it definitely is a number one album!

In the below footage from Bran's show last night she tributes her friend/mentor Whitney Houston, who passed last year on Brandy's birthday February 11th. Brandy had more than one reason to give her all in this album. She explained it's her tribute to Whitney and what a GREAT tribute it is. I know Whitney is so proud of Brandy today. For the album, for never giving up, and yes.. for this album!!!

For more footage of from Bran's show last night visit BrandyDaily.com!
Go get it!!!!!! TWO ELEVEN in stores/itunes NOW!

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