Thursday, October 18, 2012

Congratulations @Drake!!!!!!!!!!! Rapper Gets High School Diploma

Congratulations are in order!!! Just last night rapper Drake took a personal step that is worth applauding. It is no secret that many celebrities drop out of high school or can't continue in the traditional manner if they happen to become very successful quickly.

Many just continue in their success and never deem it necessary to get their Diploma. For rapper Drake, it was too important to look over.

So a few months ago, he set out on a journey to get his High School Diploma. Last night he tweeted that he'd finally completed that journey. Though some people thought it joke worthy... I personally think it commendable and a great influence on so many other young people who may have dropped out. It also can serve as a vouch for how important it is considering such a huge celebrity took the time to get his.

Congratulations to Drake.

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