Friday, October 26, 2012

@ChrisBrown BOYYYYYYYYYYY What are YOU doing?!

Wow. It's quite amazing to see the transformation that Chris Brown is undergoing. Just weeks ago fans were still emailing me wondering about his health. Fans have been concerned with Chris' physical appearance for a while and have reached out to me to explain a few times.

Chris has always been a cutie, but recent style choices often left me feeling like, "Chris- what are you DOING!?" Chris also lost a lot of weight and appeared to be somber or sad in most of the photos he'd post.This led fans to think something else was up. Well looks like all of us can rest easy because huh ney!

The last couple of weeks we have undoubtedly seen a more clean cut, smiling, and vibrant Chris Brown emerge. Just last night he was spotted at a party in LA for Elton John's husband's 50th birthday celebration and he arrived looking HOT!

Chris stepped out of his $800,000 lambo in a Dolce & Gabbana black suit, and to really turn heads a pair of  Christian Louboutin Leaopard Print Loafers.

 Chris is not playing games!

Great to see him not only looking A List but at an A List event! Chris is one of the best talents in this industry and while he's been playing lowkey for  a while, it looks as though he is finally settling in where he belongs.. amongst the best! So, not sure what he's doing or what the turn around has been but huh ney! Go ahead and keep this up! We are here for it!

S/o to @KierseyFamily & GG for supplying the photos!

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  1. i just had to praise god real quick. this man is foine!