Sunday, October 21, 2012

Chris Brown At Launch Party.. Rihanna & Others Come Out to Support (Video / pics)

Tonight, Chris Brown was the featured celeb at the launch event for Qubeey, a brand new social media software that brings all of your favorite online outlets to one place- your desktop. Qubeey is fun and interactive and attempting to be the next biggest thing in social media.

Chris Brown was announced as the biggest name attached to the software a few weeks ago, leading up to his big launch party tonight in Beverly Hills. A host of celebs, some local artists, as well as a few fans showed up to support Chris and Qubeey. Most notably though was pop star Rihanna who attempted to keep a low profile while out supporting Chris- as if that's possible.

Maybe for a normal friendship- yes, but not Chrianna who is easily the most talked about couple right now. Since their public reunion a couple of weeks ago fans and inquirers alike have been waiting patiently for a photo/video ... anything that links the two. Rih and her bff Mel were seen with Chris and his pals all having a good time and enjoying the event. Chris was all smiles the entire night posing with fans and other artists.

Check out a few twitter photos and some exclusive footage of the two below from Maximo Tv. - It's gotta kinda suck that this was being filmed like from so far away.. hopefully soon they hype will wear down and these two can have some privacy in public places..hopefully.

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