Thursday, October 11, 2012

Aahhhhh!!! #TwoElevenOct16! Preview Brandy's New Album Two Eleven

Dear Sweet Baby Brandy Rayana Norwood making Jesus... THANK YOU!

Guys, can you imagine your favorite artist gearing up to release, what very well could be one of her greatest albums!? Well, that's exactly where I am right now. Just months ago we started to hear word of Brandy's album release. Then came the singles, Put it Down with Chris Brown, and Wildest Dreams -both highly praised by fans and peers.

Brandy has since released a few other records just to keep us on our toes, because she knows we're all losing it waiting on October 16th to get here! From the sound of these snippets, we have every right to do so. The sultry, smokey, brilliantly toned singer is bringing it on this album!

Brandy's best album overall is arguably Full Moon, it is considered a classic among many. Could Two Eleven be a competitor for that title? I'm not sure, but I KNOW it's going to be amazing!

Just LISTEN for yourself!!

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