Wednesday, October 31, 2012

PressPlay! @PROMiSEMusic - What U Want

It's been a long time coming for Pop singer/songwriter Promise. She's got to be one of the hardest working artists in the game. I've watched her hustle first hand, and I haven't seen many as resilient and focused as she is. After years of preparation, performing, studio hours, and auditions the Florida native has finally released her debut single! So proud of my girl!

What U Want is a confident and sexy song about a woman who truly has no time for games. The track produced by I. Copeland & Ensayne Wayne was written by Promise and her writing partner FrankiBelle who go by the pseudonym Pinky & the Brain. The song is pretty blunt.. a mid tempo that gives listeners a chance to take this pop artist seriously as a vocalist.

Promise has been on a bit of a roll lately gearing to release her first album. Fresh off of her feature on G.O.O.D. Music's Cyhi the Prynce's Mixtape Ivy League, she just signed a management deal with music industry big name Devyne Stephens. Promise's album Behind Closed Doors is set to deliver the same confidence and bold content as her first single! BCD is expected out this year and trust me, it is a hot one!

Check out Promise's first single What U Want below and stay tuned for more from her.. you won't want to miss it.. iPROMiSE.

@MileyCyrus as @NickiMinaj for Halloween

Celebrities really enjoy dressing up as one another for halloween. Last night Miley Cyrus sent out a picture of her costume, which I have to admit is one of the best Nicki Minaj looks I've seen. She really pulled it off. In a bright yellow wig, bright pink lipstick, a jumper, Nicki's arm tat, and butt pads.. the pop diva and television star turned into Nicki Minaj.

Miley is currently working on her next album. She's already been in the studio with some of the hottest producers/writers in the game. She's been working with Pop & Oak, Pharrell, and others. How epic is this next album about to be?! We can assume this is going to be Miley like we've never heard her before!

I think Miley's costume is so cute. I've seen a few other good ones, I really loved Diddy & Cassie's Prince/Cleopatra jump offs as well!

Wanna See @NeneLeakes in a pool of Diamonds?!

Nene Leakes became famous on the Real Housewives of Atlanta for being a big mouth who said whatever came to her mind. Since then the reality star has made some major changes in her career and hustled her way through the acting industry. In the latest Ebony Magazine Leakes explains her rise to fame. The grandmother covers the magazine adorned in diamonds. It's rather befitting for her image, she's known to really like nice things.

Amongst her controversial role on the RHOA lived her controversial marriage/divorce situation with husband Greg Leakes. Which, honestly, I've never covered on this site in detail, but if it is of interest to you.. head over to and my girl ATLien has you covered! 

Regardless of whats happening in her personal life or even if she's of interest to you, you have to respect her grind. Get it Nene.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Q Parker of 112's Debut Solo Album #TheMANual is in stores today! + Brand new Video "Yes"

Well it's about time! After many years of preparation and hard work, one of the founders of the super group 112 has released his debut solo project! Grammy Award winning Singer/Songwriter Q Parker's album The MANual is available today and Q has definitely stayed true to that r&b sound we all fell in love with 112 for. Q's sweet tone and control made for a very key piece of the 112 sound overall. You can listen to just about any song and hear his influence, so it's no surprise that fans have been not so patiently waiting for this day to come.

This new record is HOT from the door. The MANual is basically an album for the ladies. It's for the women who want some real r&b music from a real man's perspective. Q  delivers on that. He's talking about real issues and with a voice that the ladies have never been able to resist! Fans will be assured that r&b is still very much so alive when they press play. Q connects with close friend and Grammy Award winning super writer/artist Crystal Nicole as well as old Bad Boy artist and friend THE Faith Evans on the project as well.

His single YES is blazing hot and the visual for it is equal parts sizzling. Check it out below & be sure to get Q's brand new album The MANual today! Congrats bro!

BTS Ludacris & Kelly Rowland: Representin video

Ludacris and Kelly Rowland collaborated on another sexy Rico Love infused record called Representin recently. Luda created quite a buzz about this video dropping, starting weeks ago, and finally it's here. Kelly explains in this behind the scenes footage that she and Luda actually wrote the treatment for this video.

It was shot here in Atlanta, and even Rico Love makes a brief cameo. Luda and Kelly both look great in this visual. Luda seems to be getting younger and younger and Kelly is just bad all the way around in my opinion. It's definitely a grown and sexy video. Check the bts out below!

Here is the finished product!Luda ft. Kelly Rowland- Representin

Monday, October 29, 2012

New Music: GQ (Gallest) - #GetItOn

Rapper GQ hailing out of Barbados is set to drop his brand new mixtape In My Mind on November 6, 2012! The party anthem, Get it On is just a taste of what listeners can expect from it. Also going by the pseudonym Gallest - the Bajan rapper lays a few dope bars over a bangin club beat that is sure to knock in your cars and on the dance floor!

Check this brand new release out below and stay tuned for more from him. I have a feeling this mixtape is about to be something to mess with.

Keyonce Bowles (Beyonce's twin sister) - THIS IS HILARIOUS!

I have no clue who this girl is, but she's so funny. Beyonce would crack up if she saw this. Enjoy.

UPDATE: We've since come to know and love this chic! Her name is Jade Novah! Check out her many other features here on by clicking HERE!

Drake Gives Encouraging Speech at his High School Graduation

Just last week, rapper and millionaire, Drake announced he'd finally graduated from high school. Many praised Drake's accomplishment and other- less mature individuals laughed at it. He'd left high school to  pursue a career in music, that proved to be very successful actually. Even with that success, Drake still felt incomplete for his lack of "following through" with his education.

Drake went back to inspire fellow students at his graduation ceremonies at Jarvis C.I. in Toronto. He gave a great speech and it's obvious that this was from the heart. Drake dedicated his Diploma to his mom, a retired teacher. Congrats to Drake! So great for him.

Friday, October 26, 2012

@ChrisBrown BOYYYYYYYYYYY What are YOU doing?!

Wow. It's quite amazing to see the transformation that Chris Brown is undergoing. Just weeks ago fans were still emailing me wondering about his health. Fans have been concerned with Chris' physical appearance for a while and have reached out to me to explain a few times.

Chris has always been a cutie, but recent style choices often left me feeling like, "Chris- what are you DOING!?" Chris also lost a lot of weight and appeared to be somber or sad in most of the photos he'd post.This led fans to think something else was up. Well looks like all of us can rest easy because huh ney!

The last couple of weeks we have undoubtedly seen a more clean cut, smiling, and vibrant Chris Brown emerge. Just last night he was spotted at a party in LA for Elton John's husband's 50th birthday celebration and he arrived looking HOT!

Chris stepped out of his $800,000 lambo in a Dolce & Gabbana black suit, and to really turn heads a pair of  Christian Louboutin Leaopard Print Loafers.

 Chris is not playing games!

Great to see him not only looking A List but at an A List event! Chris is one of the best talents in this industry and while he's been playing lowkey for  a while, it looks as though he is finally settling in where he belongs.. amongst the best! So, not sure what he's doing or what the turn around has been but huh ney! Go ahead and keep this up! We are here for it!

S/o to @KierseyFamily & GG for supplying the photos!

New Music That You MUST Hear: Kingdom Minded - "So Good"

My sister and brother called me last night to introduce this group out of Chicago to me. I'm really glad they did. Check it out and have a great weekend.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Finally: Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Wedding Photos!

How gorgeous is Jessica Biel? Safe to say she has Justin Timberlake jumping for joy in the first photo from their wedding. The wedding was kept hush hush until after the fact. From the sound of it, the occasion was incredibly beautiful and fun! I wouldn't expect anything different from this couple.

Biel's gown in the above photo.. a soft pink-was beautiful! Designed by Giambattista Valli, the gown  is incredible... silk mousseline and silk organza. The smile on her face says it all as JT is jumping (literally) with excitement in the background. He's giving me Tom Cruise excitement in this cover of People Magazine.

Timberlake reportedly sang a song he'd written just for Jessica at the wedding which he described as "magical". So exciting to see a couple who's been together so long finally take the leap. Now.. JT .. for some new music...............?!

JUST IN: Shooting at Creflo Dollar's church At least 1 victim

CNN is reporting at least 1 person has been shot in an act of violence at Creflo Dollar's mega church World Changers in College Park,GA. Very very little information is known at the moment. Medical officials are performing CPR on the victim and police are in search of the gunman.

It's disheartening to think that people can't even come together in the house of God without violence these days. My prayers go up for the World Changers church and the victim. Stay tuned for updates.


It is reported by the AJC that the shooting victim has in fact died. While his name has not yet been released, he is said to have been a part of the production ministry at the church.

The police are still in search of a gunman who fled the scene in a black Subaru. He reportedly walked into their Chapel where Bible study is held in suit and tie and opened fire.

Wonder What the New Band U.G.L.Y. ( @Mijougly @stormihenley @BraxtonO) on @ChrisBrown's #CBE label Sounds Like?! (video)

If you're anything like me, you've been wondering exactly what the buzz brewing around about Chris Brown's new band is.  The band's name is U.G.L.Y. an acronym for  Underneath Greatness Lies You. We know it consists of his lifelong best friend Mijo, ex Miss Teen USA Pageant winner the GORGEOUS Stormi Henley as the lead, and Braxton.

We also know they've been cooking up some music and that Chris is directing a very goth inspired video for their song Red. Other than these things I, like you, know very little about what the band sounds like or even the type of music they'll make.

Well, if it's any consolation for you anxious fans, I stumbled across this little video on YouTube of Chris singing with lead Stormi Henley.. and um.. it's totally not what I expected. The girl has such a sweet voice. Considering how beautiful her voice is, I'm even more excited to learn how it will be blended into rock. If her voice is any indication of what their sound will be, they are going to be something amazing. I'm expecting something similar to a more subtle Evanescence maybe! 

Either way, this is a great look for Chris and his CBE label. I'm excited to hear more. Check out Stormi below!

Liar, liar pants on fire!

If you were caught up on yesterday's news, you may have been outraged and felt sorry for Sharmeka Moffitt, a 20-year-old Louisiana woman who claimed she was attacked and set on fire by three men who wrote "KKK" and "nigger" on her car. Now, news reports are saying she made it up.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

#CourtDocs Say Justin Bieber Is in LOADS of trouble- Lawsuit Filed

There are so many people ready to say whatever and do whatever for a little fame. It's quite scary actually. According to a bazaar lawsuit attained by TMZ, a Michigan man is making a load of hilarious claims about Justin Bieber. He claims to be Selena Gomez' father and that JB is cheating on his "daughter" with Rihanna, Penelope Cruz, and others.

The man also claims that Bieber has STDs and stole his credit card for penis enlargement ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... HILARIOUS!

The man concluded his claims with the obvious, "I'm an emotional mess ... America must boycott biebers music!" Hope this guy gets some real help. The nerve to go through the pain of actually filing a lawsuit is proof he needs it.

Check out what TMZ deemed some "highlights" from the court document below. I'm sure the Biebs is just fine!

"Bieber has cost me $426.78 and never paid me back. This money was used as abortion money because Justin Bieber got my daughter Selena pregnant in my bedroom, on my canadian bear rug."
 "Usher Raymond came to my house on the forth of july 2012 and sodomized me with a firework and lit it inside my anal area while blaring kate perry [sic] firework song in my ear drums."
 "[Bieber] gave selena a std and Bieber stole my credit card to buy him and sean p-ditty combs cocaine to use in drug free school zones."
"Bieber also got a penis enlargement with my stolen american express card. "

Lil Wayne Talks Kanye West Production on New Album

Well, the last time we saw Weezy on camera it was his hilarious deposition for the lawsuit he filed against the producer of the Carter Documentary. This video isn't as funny, but at least Wayne is willing to talk this time.

Looks like we'll be getting more of the Kanye production that we all love so much on Wayne's next project! Lil Wayne exclusively told MTV that he's working on his I Am Not A Human Being II album and he's got some of the best working on it with him.

Wayne clarifies that not only is Yeezy on it, but that he has a "big hand" in it. That makes me excited, while I love Kanye as an artist, I first fell for him as a producer. He's genius! Check out what Wayne had to say to MTV below!

Get More: 
Music News

Monday, October 22, 2012

Rihanna is Shooting Diamonds Video! (Pics)

Rihanna shared a few photos with her Navi yesterday and let the cat out of the bag that she's shooting her video for her highly praised first single, Diamonds! The single is from her highly anticipated Unapologetic album out November 19th. In the photos from fans and Rih's camp- you see Rih as gorgeous as ever on set with burning buildings and mayhem.

I envisioned some beautiful video shot on a beach or something with wild horses after listening to the track, but Rihanna and team have a different interpretation of what the hit song's visual should be. It appears to be the end of the world or some major catastrophe that she's standing in the midst of. 

The contrast of her simple and sensual beauty against the burning backdrop symbolizes that she is not consumed by it. Hmm... deep Rih. Considering what her personal life appears to be like lately that story line may ring true to her at the moment. 

Rih is unapologetically sexy on set. She's always pushing the envelope with her wardrobe choices..and yes she changed her hair for the video.

Can't wait to see it!

New Videos: Nicki Minaj- The Boys ft. Cassie &&& Come On a Cone

Nicki Minaj has been busy! She's been featured in about 3 videos that have all dropped in the last week.  The first was the Justin Bieber scandal, now her collaboration with her "girlfriend" the beautiful singer Cassie (who is really Diddy's girl),  and her new video for Come on a Cone. Lots of exposure and Barbz around the world are happy about it.

Nicki is set to re-release her first album next month.

The Boys


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Chris Brown At Launch Party.. Rihanna & Others Come Out to Support (Video / pics)

Tonight, Chris Brown was the featured celeb at the launch event for Qubeey, a brand new social media software that brings all of your favorite online outlets to one place- your desktop. Qubeey is fun and interactive and attempting to be the next biggest thing in social media.

Chris Brown was announced as the biggest name attached to the software a few weeks ago, leading up to his big launch party tonight in Beverly Hills. A host of celebs, some local artists, as well as a few fans showed up to support Chris and Qubeey. Most notably though was pop star Rihanna who attempted to keep a low profile while out supporting Chris- as if that's possible.

Maybe for a normal friendship- yes, but not Chrianna who is easily the most talked about couple right now. Since their public reunion a couple of weeks ago fans and inquirers alike have been waiting patiently for a photo/video ... anything that links the two. Rih and her bff Mel were seen with Chris and his pals all having a good time and enjoying the event. Chris was all smiles the entire night posing with fans and other artists.

Check out a few twitter photos and some exclusive footage of the two below from Maximo Tv. - It's gotta kinda suck that this was being filmed like from so far away.. hopefully soon they hype will wear down and these two can have some privacy in public places..hopefully.

Congrats to

Friday, October 19, 2012

New Video: Alicia Keys- Girl On Fire

It's finally here! Alicia Keys just released the visual for her single from same titled upcoming album, Girl on Fire. I personally love the imagery in the video which features Keys as a woman who wears many hats well. She's shown being a mom, handling business, and taking care of an elderly woman. A Keys shared a photo of the two adorable kids she played mommy to in the video earlier today. So precious!

In one of the scenes, she also pays homage to my fave childhood movie, Mary Poppins! You'll see Keys snapping her fingers to clean up the messy nursery, which is an actual scene in the classic Disney film. So cool! Girl on Fire is Alicia's fifth studio album, it's set to be released on the 27th of November.

@IndiaArie Pays Tribute to @4EverBrandy at #TrueExclusives Relaunch Party

When I say I am literally wiping tears from my eyes right now, I mean just that. When I was in High School I was so heavily influenced by India.Arie and her music. It freed me. I chopped off all of my hair- was rockin a  mini fro in the 9th grade- not to look like her, but to really look like ME. Growing up in a predominately white town it could be difficult to embrace what your hair was like and how your body was made..India helped me reach that acceptance early.

Her music also helped me with college. I sang, I am Ready for Love a few times and won scholarship money for Spelman. She's been influential. I don't really have to go into how much I love Brandy- I'm sure you get that by now. So to see India paying tribute to Brandy in this video was just too much lovin at one time for me!!!

Brandy's good friend and founder of  Silent, held a launch party for the site last night. Coinciding with Brandy's album release of Two Eleven, he sorta made it a joint celebration.

I watched as Silent worked relentlessly on twitter. Always up. Always trying to figure this out or that out, to make the event special. From the looks of it, it was more than special. It was a moment of clarity. As a HUGE Brandy fan, Ive always wondered if she really knows how impactful she's been.

 No, people don't buy music as much as they should and the accolades and all of that aren't always there publicly, but Brandy is HIGHLY revered amongst her peers and singers/musicians..highly. India.Arie stopped in just after a few dancers paid tribute to Brandy and basically looked Bran in the eye for ALL of us and told her exactly what she really means. Then India sang Brandy's He Is

Listen! I was done! So sweet. She deserved it! Make sure you visit and make sure you get Brandy's new album Two Eleven! Check the footage below. Was also cool to see another great voice that I love Chantae Cann present on backgrounds for India!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Finally!! @ChrisBrown & #CBE Present @Sevyn's Debut Single : I Like It

YES! If you're like me, you've been waiting for Chris Brown and team to let Sevyn loose!! The incredible singer is a member of Chris' label CBE and also his writing partner. You may recognize her voice from a number of Chris Brown's songs. 

She's also written with him on other artist's albums the latest being the fan favorite  Slower on Brandy's latest album Two Eleven.

Sevyn's distinct tone is aggressive but controlled and passionate. She's always been a secret weapon on CBE in my opinion. This single I Like It is HOT! It's easy to relate to..we've all been here before. Not understanding why we overlook the bad because we just really love someone. The production is crazy! Sevyn always delivers vocally. Good for her!

  Keep an eye out for Sevyn.. finally some NEW, fresh, and young TALENT is in the game.

@4EverBrandy is on an EPIC Media Run: GMA, Sway in the Morning, Vibe Vixen, ETC. (Vid/Photos)

Brandy is working her tail off. The media run she's been on for this album is insane! She's everywhere and you know I'm not complaining at all! The album Two Eleven is her best in a long time. It's such a great r&b album, and I am happy to see the promo behind it! 

Brandy appeared on Good Morning America this morning and tore it UP! She's also been on a host of radio shows, the latest being Sway in the morning..where she gives some great advice to Chris Brown, and even landed the Vibe Vixen cover! My girl is all levels of HOT right now!

Shout out to her team who is making sure her album is pushed this go around. Brandy has always been this talented even if she wasn't this confident. Sometimes it takes a team behind you to push you to your best abilities! So excited! Go BRANDY!

Two Eleven is in stores and available for purchase online NOW! Get it! It's so worth it!

Congratulations @Drake!!!!!!!!!!! Rapper Gets High School Diploma

Congratulations are in order!!! Just last night rapper Drake took a personal step that is worth applauding. It is no secret that many celebrities drop out of high school or can't continue in the traditional manner if they happen to become very successful quickly.

Many just continue in their success and never deem it necessary to get their Diploma. For rapper Drake, it was too important to look over.

So a few months ago, he set out on a journey to get his High School Diploma. Last night he tweeted that he'd finally completed that journey. Though some people thought it joke worthy... I personally think it commendable and a great influence on so many other young people who may have dropped out. It also can serve as a vouch for how important it is considering such a huge celebrity took the time to get his.

Congratulations to Drake.

Bizarre News: Flavor Flav arrested for assault, weapon charges

If this mugshot doesn't make you feel sorry for Flavor Flav, I don't know what else will. The iconic hype man for Public Enemy turned reality show star turned fried chicken joint owner was arrested Tuesday morning in Vegas for allegedly threatening a teenager in his house with a deadly weapon.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Midweek Treat! Hiromi Uehara - Place to Be

So, today on IG I saw a small post liked by one of the people I follow in my activity feed. As I spend most of my time there anyway (instead of my homepage- don't ask) this wasn't anything new. What struck me though was the familiarity of the small picture forcing me to click on it and be reintroduced to an artist I fell in love with in college.

Not very popular amongst my peers, Hiromi Uehara is a Japanese jazz influenced pianist who is easily one of my all time favorites. I remember hearing her play with Chick Corea for the first time and literally feeling like my heart was about to run out of my chest. It's just astounding the way she executes. She's known for her hippy looks, and captivating live performances, so beautiful at times that they even move her to tears!

If you love music- you should listen to and watch this from start to finish. Even if this "isn't your thing" just let yourself listen. She's amazing. So thankful to JR for the reminder.

#PressPlay New Music: @KellyClarkson- Catch My Breath

It's been a short 10 yrs. since Kelly Clarkson became the first American Idol winner. Since then, she's been unstoppable releasing hit song after hit song. Her strong and soulful is delightful no matter if she's singing a ballad or fun pop record. Her voice just works. So much so that after only 10 yrs, her label thinks she has enough great songs to release a greatest hits album.

So, next month they are set to release Greatest Hits- Chapter 1. The title is perfect considering Kelly has a lot of years ahead of her in this industry. To kick things off her brand new single, Catch My Breath hit radio yesterday and it is all you can expect from Kelly. She's consistent every time. The record is pop to it's core but Kelly is sure to give you that edgy rock and sometimes r&b vocal to solidify her sound.

Here is Kelly's new single Catch My Breath and stay tuned for Greatest Hits- Chapter 1 in stores November 19th!

Congratulations! @Tyga & @Blacchyna_Mia welcome ADORABLE baby boy!

I love baby news!! Last night after a long and very well hidden pregnancy, rapper Tyga and his girlfriend Chyna presented their adorable baby boy to the world. Chyna had to have one of the most private pregnancies. There was only one photo of her tummy and that wasn't great quality. Exactly why she was hiding out, we're not sure, but she did a great job at it!!

King Cairo Stevenson arrived into the world yesterday at a perfect 7lbs 1 oz! He's perfect! A host of family and friends were spotted on IG all posing with him. Easily the most heartfelt pics coming from new dad Tyga who explained he'd never felt such a feeling. I'm totally a mush for this kind of stuff so I blushed all night about it along with my other social media friends!

I wish this new family all of the best. As for Chyna, I'm not worried at all that soon she'll be back to that insane body she's known for. Welcome King Cairo!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Happy BRANday! @4EverBrandy's New Album #TwoEleven is a HIT! + Her Whitney Tribute from Sold Out Show Last night (Vid)

Sheesh. I was one of maybe two fans who didn't download or listen to the full album before it came out this morning. I wanted to really be excited with everybody on the actual release date, and boy were we all excited! The anticipation for Two Eleven has been building for weeks. Fans have witnessed a more confident, happy, and engaging Brandy arise out of a few years of doubting herself. So, we all felt that this album was going to be something special.

I met Brandy a few weeks ago here in Atlanta. Her spirit was humble even amidst a number of fans (myself included) talking her ear off about how amazing she is and how much we love her. She knew then that she was gearing up to release what is easily one of her best pieces of work, but it's not like Brandy to respond in any  way other than a sweet smile and a thank you. That night encouraged my love for her as a person.. last night encouraged my love for her music.

Leading up to the release, Brandy performed at a sold out show in NY. People were tweeting that even in the rain the line to get in was forever long. Once inside others tweeted about how live the crowd was for Brandy. Though I wasn't there I assumed my favorite artist was feeling the love and about to deliver a great show on the eve of a great album dropping. She did just that.

I checked iTunes a record 15 times leading up to 11:30 when it finally started to download. I pressed play and listened carefully. I was hoping to get the "I don't have to skip one song" feeling, along with the flowing vibe she gave us on her classic album, Full Moon. I got both.

Song after song I found myself talking to the computer with the occasional, "Yaaaaaaaaaaaasssss BRAN!!!" as if she could hear me in NY. Tracks started to stick out- first Slower written by Chris Brown, his CBE artist Sevyn, and Breyon Prescott. The groove and arrangement of it are captivating.

Then, there's the message of No Such thing As Too Late, the church in Without You, the range in Hardly Breathing, the real in Do You Know What You Have, and honestly I could just type every song titled on the album in this list. All of them. One after one, they're special.

Fans and peers of the sweet voiced starlet gathered on twitter for our own virtual listening party. All tweeting Brandy praises, and agreeing with one another track after track. The album is that good. It's great. I'm so proud as a long time fan that it's finally here! I hope it is purchased and supported, because it definitely is a number one album!

In the below footage from Bran's show last night she tributes her friend/mentor Whitney Houston, who passed last year on Brandy's birthday February 11th. Brandy had more than one reason to give her all in this album. She explained it's her tribute to Whitney and what a GREAT tribute it is. I know Whitney is so proud of Brandy today. For the album, for never giving up, and yes.. for this album!!!

For more footage of from Bran's show last night visit!
Go get it!!!!!! TWO ELEVEN in stores/itunes NOW!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Jay Z for Obama (Video)

It was clear from the beginning of President Obama's initial campaign that he'd have the backing of one of the most influential voices to youth today- Jay Z. Just how much Jay would campaign  appear, and support President Obama remained to be seen, but I knew he would. I'm sure all of his fans knew he would.

The below video was just released by the Obama Biden campaign. It is yet another effort on Jay Z's part to connect with his audience and encourage them, not just to vote, but to understand the importance of doing so. We've learned over the course of the past few years, just how impacting our vote can be.

 Check out Jay Z's opinion on why it's important to vote below.

Brandy Stops By the Breakfast Club to talk NEW Album out Tomorrow

With the anticipation of her album Two Eleven dropping tomorrow, Brandy has been in heavy hustle mode!!! Along with shooting her new video for the latest single, Wildest Dreams, Brandy is doing interviews and appearances in preparation for her new album! The gorgeous singer stopped by popular radio show the Breakfast Club this morning to discuss her life, the new album, her next movie, and many other things.

Brandy is so humble and adorable! Just watching the interview, you get to see how she's careful to never put anybody else down even when given opportunity to. Bran admits to being nervous to appear on the morning radio show- and for good reason. You never ever know whats going to be said on this show.

Brandy's album is highly anticipated!!! She gives a few details about the album to the hosts. She explains that her latest single, Wildest Dreams was inspired by her current love Ryan Press, and that Chris Brown who is featured on the first single, Put it Down also wrote one of the hottest records on her album, Slow.

Bran goes on to reveal that the album title Two Eleven is inspired by her birthday, and also serves as a tribute to her dear friend/mentor Whitney Houston who died on that day last year.

I'm so excited for Brandy! I'm so proud that she didn't give up even when it seemed she wouldn't succeed. Yall know I love her! Check out her full interview below.


Go Behind the Scenes of Rihanna's New "Unstoppable" VOGUE Cover Story (Video)

Rihanna at only 24 yrs. old is gracing her second American Vogue cover. The high fashion and entertainment magazine is highly recognized as one of the "IT" covers to shoot. So, to have done two in a couple of years is ground breaking, but what isn't ground breaking with Rihanna these days?

The interviewer carefully words his interactions and observations of the pop star starting with this years MTV VMAs. He was right off the bat with how much the show was centered around Rihanna. Rih is very candid in the interview- as she usually is. She talks about dating, her last minute decision to cut her hair again, and a host of other things.

On dating:
“Seriously, all I want is a guy to take me out and make me laugh for a good hour and take my ass back home. He doesn’t even have to come up. All I want is a conversation for an hour.”
On her hair cut:

 “Spur of the hair was supposed to be down to my ass tonight.
Rihanna's edginess is one of her main attractions. Somehow, she's managing to live her life by her own terms, even though millions of people feel it belongs to them. Rihanna's fierceness comes out in this latest Vogue cover and is evident where ever she goes. Just take the words of fashion icon Tom Ford who says of Rihanna:
“She makes my knees go weak . . . seriously,”
She makes LOTS of knees weak Tom... it's ok. This Vogue feature on Rih is great. The photos are beautiful and the write up is a good read too. Rihanna is the second black female musician to ever be on the cover of Vogue. She's set to release her seventh album, Unapologetic November 19th.

Check out the full interview HERE and Behind the Scenes Video Below! Werrrrrrrrrrrrk Rih!