Tuesday, September 25, 2012

WHY???? MUST See Videos- Lil Wayne in rare form!

In what seems to be one of the worst interviews of all time.. rapper Lil Wayne is totally giving KayKi tease times 100. During a taped deposition for the case he has against Quincy Jones III-who released a documentary about the rapper a few years back, Wayne seems to be totally annoyed.

According to Wayne the documentary wasnt a good portrayal of who he is, so he's suing Quincy. During this deposition Wayne is totally not into the questions big time lawyer Pete Ross (Quincy's attorney) is asking. He barely answers questions and when he does, it's a smart mouth remark. The questions were about everything from his criminal history to his success as a rapper.

Now, anyone who knows me will tell you, a quick way to get under my skin is to ask me the obvious or make me repeat myself. Wayne was a butt hole in this interview, but I totally get his frustration even though I disagree with his execution.

Wayne is very....very smart. He's one of the best word masters we have in the game, so when interviewing him - you have to sort of operate at his level. The judge couldn't even comment on his responses.

Wayne could have cooperated a little bit more than  he did, but I don't think he takes too kindly to people telling him what to do.. the whole "gangster" thing I guess.

You just have to watch the videos...

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