Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Walls have Ears- Paris Hilton's homophobic gay man rant recorded

Ahh lets see here.. you're Paris Hilton and in a cab with friends (one who is gay according to reports) talking about gay people. Suddenly you're on a rant about gay men being disgusting and having aids and so on. Little do you know the cab driver is recording the conversation.. probably because you're Paris Hilton in his cab.

This is so sad on many levels. First, lets clear up that gay men are not disgusting and they dont all have aids. Paris sounds to be slurring a bit in speech as if she has been drinking or something. Her reps say Paris was simply responding to an isolated story her gay friend was telling her about him knowing of an individual who does have aids and has unprotected sex.

Unfortunately this wasnt just a conversation that someone overheard. It was recorded so, there are really no if ands or buts about what she said. Let this just go to show - as my ex's mom used to say, "The walls have ears.." Watch what you say out of your never know who's listening.


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