Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Southern Louisiana levees didn't hold up under Isaac

Outlying areas on Louisiana's southern end are under water and the Army Corps of Engineers are looking into whether the levees pushed in floodwaters from Hurricane Isaac. 
The Associated Press reported this week that locals and politicians blame the levees, but scientific analyses may prove otherwise. Weather experts are saying a "unique set of circumstances" not the flood walls surrounding New Orleans had more to do with flooding neighborhoods that have never been underwater due to a storm surge.

Indeed Hurricane Isaac moved so slowly across the Gulf Coast, dumping water into bays and lakes that left thousands of residents underwater. The Category 1 storm caused the deaths of seven people and damaged thousands of homes last week. The government has spent millions of dollars since Hurricane Katrina on the levees, which did their job this time around. However, in towns including LaPlace, communities were under water even though they had never flooded because of a storm.

The AP said the Corps is expected to complete its study within two months, and it's too early to say how much it would cost. 

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