Monday, September 17, 2012

RECAP: THE NIGHT I MET MY FAVE @4EverBrandy- Brandy & Others Perform at FSO (Pics/Vid)

Yall, I really have no words for how happy I was Saturday. For starters I was given a ticket to For Sisters Only to see Brandy who you all know I love to pieces by someone I didnt even know. My boy singer/songwriter Chase J recommended to Silent  that he give me a ticket. So there I was spazzing to a stranger on twitter about how much I loved them for making one of my dreams come true- I was going to see Brandy live.

I rushed to the venue with high expectations both as a fan and as a blogger. I wanted to live in the moment, but make sure I captured it too. Well- I was able to do both. Brandy was preceded by Miguel who did a cover of all of his hits for a crowd full of screaming fans. He gives a great show. The gorgeous Kelly Rowland came out to introduce him which was a surprise.. Kelly is BAD!

Kelly Rowland

Then out came Ray J & Brandy's daughter Sy'rai to introduce her. You guys! I was in fan mode! I couldnt believe it! She came out and gave a perfect show! Her choreo was on point, and as always her vocals slayed! She looked amazing and the crowd- which had been chanting her name just before Miguel came out embraced her like something beautiful! I was there front and center!!

She sang her throwback hits for us longtime fans and even CAME OVER TO ME AND PUT THE MIC IN MY MOUTH SO I COULD SING WITH HER.. yall. AMAZING! She ended the show with her recent singles that the younger people in the crowd jammed to - Put it Down & Wildest Dreams. She invited the incredibly talented Luke James out on stage for a minute to wow us- and of course he did jus that. Bran came back out to end the show- the whole time she was performing.. her daughter Sy'rai and Ray J could be seen on the side of the stage dancing, singing along, and recording. I could tell they were just as proud as I was!

After the show was over I made my way back stage and for about 30 minutes hung out back there with some other bloggers & photographers I respect- (Silent, Kodak, Freddyo, etc..), Brandy, her boo, a couple of die hard fans, and even little Sy'rai. Brandy was so sweet to all of us.. like she was our long time homie.. she was warm and inviting.. very... Human.. as I thought she would be.

 When I said to her, "Im KayKiSpeaks"... she looked at me, grabbed my shoulders and said- "I KNOW YOU!" with the biggest smile & hugged me.. I was freaking inside. We took a couple of pictures and I left texting ALL of my friends and family the picture of me and my fave Brandy! What a night!!!!


  1. Thanks KayKi for sharing! I'm glad you had a wonderful time seeing your fav. Brandy is a great musician,she sounds exactly the same live as she does on her album... a lot of times that is rear.