Friday, September 21, 2012

New Music: The Whatley: I am Here, A Robot Love Story-The Mixtape

So... this here is one of my great friends The Whatley an artist like none you've ever met or heard of. Dougie ( as some of his friends refer to him) is a talented producer, songwriter, singer, and over all creative! This isn't the first time you've heard his work. He's been featured on here a couple of times and really if you've heard any of my work 9 times out of 10 he helped me with it.

This mixtape- I AM HERE, A Robot Love Story is a collection of songs inspired by a simple movie TheWhatley saw one day. The movie forces you to identify with the power of love.. using robots..the irony. This mixtape which is sort of a prelude to the incredible album Dougie's working on captures that same essence. The things about love that we cant quite understand- yet they captivate us.

I had a hand in writing/arranging one of the songs on the album ( Many of Us) which features the lovely India Shawn - whom you guys came to love a few weeks back on here. So... get this mixtape! It's like nothing you've heard before..but you'll love it!! So proud of Dougie for releasing a project that is HIS! Yess!!!


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