Tuesday, September 18, 2012

@MissyElliott and @Timbaland Ustream & Release TWO NEW SINGLES!!! Yassssss

Yassssssss Missy is back and Timbo is with her. I AM too GEEKED! They are coming for this boring everything sounding the same phase of music with that classic sound they've always had. Of course theyre keeping it relevant but you can still hear/feel that Timbo/Missy style in it.

They've released 2 singles for Missy on iTunes today! "Triple Threat" & "9th Inning"! The vets in the game ustreamed last night for fans and talked a bit about what theyre up to these days and how theyre about to "switch music again". Missy is skinny!!! Thats random, but she looks good. So does Timb!

Yall.. Missy is back! Deal female rappers! Deal! In the background you can hear Mona Scott Young's raspy voice in the background moderating the conversation. Heyyyy Mona. (You probably know her as the producer of Love and Hip Hop- but check her resume.. BOSS!)

Anywho.. check out the ustream & the two singles below! Yall ready for Missy?!? I know I am!

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