Friday, September 7, 2012

#MissThis President Obama's Full DNC 2012 Speech

While some were tuned into the VMAs others were tuned into this years closing night of the DNC, and others- like myself- were stuck somewhere in between both.

The Convention has been rather exciting over the past few days, with dynamic speeches from nearly ever person that touched the podium. Tonight, was no different. We not only heard about politics and policies, but we heard about the love that our leaders share for one another and most importantly for the world.

There were all sorts of cute little things said to their wives as the President and Vice took to the mic, and both greeted their wives with the warmest embraces. It was so cute! You came to watch the speech.. I wont give you another! Click away if you missed the beautiful Jill Biden's speech, or the Vice President's.

Check the President's full speech out below and VOTE!!

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  1. Thanks kayk I missed it last night and came straight here and here it is!