Thursday, September 27, 2012

@JayMcSwain Covers @ChrisBrown's Dont Judge Me

Singer/Songwriter Jay out of IL has been cooking up something special for his fans and Chris Brown fans alike. On the hem of finishing up his 2nd album, Jay chose to give listeners something to hold on to until that release date comes.

What better something than one of the hottest records to drop by one of the hottest artists doing it?! He quickly got together with longtime friend and producer Sci Fi to lay down vocals for Chris Brown's latest single  Dont Judge Me.

Ironically Chris Brown just dropped the video for Dont Judge Me this morning as I got the final copy of Jay's cover in my inbox. What a great way to bring it in! Consider this.. the track had no vocals on it before Jay touched it, this is all him.  When asked about the record he replied:

"I want to keep the essence of  what Chris did- he delivered a beautiful song. I also want my listeners to know its me though, so some of it is just like the original, but most of it is.. my spin on it."

Check it out below & stay tuned to learn when Jay is dropping his next album!!


  1. this is so good! wow! it sounds like chris sometimes.

  2. Yessssssss! This guy is amazing!

  3. Talent is in the bloodline! I love you guys

  4. Yes, jay did his thing im loving it. Keep up the good work