Monday, September 17, 2012

Evelyn Lozada Breaks Down & Has a Breakthrough on OWN's Iyanla Fix My Life

Well, if you didnt think about shedding one tear while watching either one of the two premiere episodes of Iyanla Fix My Life.. Im concerned about your emotional stability. It was deep! For her first guest, Iyanla sat down with reality star Evelyn Lozada who is known for being a- as Iyanla put it .. "thuGah among women." I have to be honest when I say I agreed with her 100%.

Actually many of you know my desire to watch many of these reality shows doesnt go any further than having to know about them.. for you. Ev was one of the main reasons I couldnt watch BBW...she was just too much for me. So, to watch her sit down with the ever so wise and caring Iyanla Vanzant and get to the bottom of why she is the way she is was refreshing. Iyanla is TOUGH but real!

While the interviews were airing Evelyn was on twitter for the most amount of time since her domestic dispute with estranged husband Chad Ocho Cinco Johnson. She responded to fans and was watching the interview right along with them. Chad watched it too - he'd acknowledged to a twitter follower. Im in love with this show- now this is my Psych degree preaching.. but sometimes you just need a safe place to talk. Kudos to Ev for being bold enough to do it in front of the world!

Oprah & OWN have a hit with this show! See it every Saturday night on OWN! Check out a few of my fave clips & an un-televised clips below and see more of the intervention HERE.

Evelyn Lozada's Biggest Fear
To get to the heart of why reality star Evelyn Lozada lashes out in angry fits of rage, Iyanla needs Evelyn to see the good in herself. In this emotional session, watch as Iyanla helps Evelyn connect to her inner 7-year-old self and what scares her most.

The Truth About Evelyn Lozada's History with Men
When it comes to the men in reality star Evelyn Lozada's life, Iyanla sees a clear pattern that needs to be broken. Watch as she walks Evelyn through the ruthless truth to help her recognize how her hidden anger toward men affects other relationships in her life—and opens the door for more Mr. Wrongs.

Exclusive Webisode: Iyanla and Evelyn Lozada's Yoga Session
Yoga is about peace—something Iyanla wants to help reality star Evelyn Lozada achieve. Watch as Evelyn starts to tap into her inner power and let go of her fear.

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