Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Chris Brown Loves the Kids! + Swerves on Foolish Media Tattoo Contraversy + Gets New Ink

It appears to be a fighter jet, but this is Chris Brown's newest piece of art. Having ever so maturely responded to the nonsense of the media regarding his other tattoo yesterday with a single tweet, Chris was up and on to the next one. I know from experience that this a sign of growth for the young artist who used to go tit for tat with foolishness on twitter. One tweet & he let them COOK. Go Chris!
I’m an artist and this is art. Dia de los Muertos.

Of course the media has found controversy in this one too. Ironically, the tattoo is in the same place as Rihanna's newest ink. I'll admit things always seem highly coincidental between the two of them if you pay attention, but I doubt that CB felt the need to get his tattoo there because Rih got one Sunday... reach...

What isn't a reach though is that CB did feel the need to stop an ice cream truck the other day and buy 60 + kids/people ice cream from it, just because. This according to TMZ. 

You know what-good deed after good deed is being reported lately. Im gonna just throw something out there.. what if.. Chris has been "A Nice Guy" ....but people are just starting to recognize it? I dont care what it is as I said.. its all turning around for you Chris!!!!!!

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