Saturday, September 29, 2012

#Altercation: DJ Drama Explains Jeezy & Ross Interaction First Hand

I just feel like this is ridiculous. Overall two grown men have no reason to come to words/blows when they are both getting money unless someone has done something to someone's family. Even then, you need to have other ways to address a situation. Just beyond dumb to me.

So if you havent heard ...Young Jeezy and Rick Ross had a little altercation tonight at the BET Hip Hop awards.  I know everybody was blogging it but I wanted to hold off until we got first hand accounts of the truth or details of what actually went down.

Hot 107.9s DJ Drama happened to be there.. here's his take on exactly what happened.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Jay Z Brings Out Biggie Hologram- Spits CRAZY new rhyme for Barclays Crowd! - Oh & Hey Bey!! (Vid)

Jay is giving the performance of his life so far tonight at the grand opening of Brooklyn's Barclays center. "This is the house that HOV built" he yelled to an excited packed house! The excitement has seeped on to twitter of course. Pictures galore are coming through of Hov, his wifey Beyonce who is there of course .. and... a Biggie Hologram?!

YES! Jay is so excited! He dropped a special rhyme as only he can for the occasion! Check out the video below... Jay spits...

This is Rich Porter, part two. You can stunt like that when you rich before your debut. Money and the murder, rapper or the trapper, either way I’m gone serve you. Shooters on my team, no really I got shooters on my team-Juan or Deron, how you ni--as want it? Pick a arm, they call me Lucky Lefty. Ball so hard I don’t respect the fu--ing referees.

So proud of this guy!!

Jay Z Celebrates Grand Opening of 40/40 Club with Rihanna, JCole, Quest Love & Others

Last night Jay Z celebrated the grand opening of the new 40/40 club at the new Barclays 
Center in Brooklyn. It definitely is cause for celebration for the hip hop mogul who grew up in the projects there. While his 40/40 club is almost a household name, the Barclays Center which Hov had a major role in bringing to the city is finally opening up, and with a bang!

Jay will put on a series of shows there to celebrate it's grand opening! In attendance last night to help celebrate were his close friends and family members and other industry personalities. Rihanna and JCole were spotted as well as Adrienne Bailon, Tyson Beckford, Radio personality and long friend Angie Martinez too. Check out Jay talking to MTV about the night and a few photos below!

Get More: 
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Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Video: @ChrisBrown- Dont Judge Me

Chris Brown always seems to keep his fans waiting in suspense for his next video release. He's been on a roll this year with features, an album, directing videos, volunteering, art galleries and the list goes on. Finally, he has released a visual for one of the favorites from his latest album Fortune.

The song Don't Judge Me is incredibly beautiful, and finally fans get to see one visual interpretation of it. Chris is obviously very artistic so he may have had a lot to do with the storyline being a bit dramatic, but its still visually stimulating.

In the story line Chris goes on a mission to save the world, but it may very well mean sacrificing himself in the process. While it's not what I envisioned with the lyrics, its still a great video. Check it out below:

Jay Z Talks Bey being Pregnant Again & Reporter Asks Kris Humphries THE question

Im terribly proud of the accomplishment my fave hip hop mogul is experiencing right now. Jay Z has proudly repped his home town of Brooklyn New York his entire career.. all the way down to the projects he grew up in.

So much so that his life story is a part of his celebrity in a sense. As a long time fan, Ive known for years that Jay has an affinity for many things other than his beloved Brooklyn. One of those things being basketball.

So, a few years back when he started mentioning bringing a team to Brooklyn, then got more specific with saying he was moving the Nets to Brooklyn as a fan, I knew he was doing more than word play. Sure enough he has kept his words and his city officially has a team and a stadium!

To celebrate the grand opening of Brooklyn's Barclays Center and the Brooklyn Nets, Jay Z will be hosting a sold out concert this weekend! What a feeling this has to be for him! A true rags to riches story. Reporters stood outside of the pre celebration at Jay Z's 40/40 club and asked the Hip Hop Mogul a few questions.

Also in attendance was Kris Humphries-Kim K's ex who is a member of the team... see his response to the reporter's Kanye questions below..

PS. Check JayZ's reaction to being asked about rumors that Beyonce is expecting their 2nd child together! 

@JayMcSwain Covers @ChrisBrown's Dont Judge Me

Singer/Songwriter Jay out of IL has been cooking up something special for his fans and Chris Brown fans alike. On the hem of finishing up his 2nd album, Jay chose to give listeners something to hold on to until that release date comes.

What better something than one of the hottest records to drop by one of the hottest artists doing it?! He quickly got together with longtime friend and producer Sci Fi to lay down vocals for Chris Brown's latest single  Dont Judge Me.

Ironically Chris Brown just dropped the video for Dont Judge Me this morning as I got the final copy of Jay's cover in my inbox. What a great way to bring it in! Consider this.. the track had no vocals on it before Jay touched it, this is all him.  When asked about the record he replied:

"I want to keep the essence of  what Chris did- he delivered a beautiful song. I also want my listeners to know its me though, so some of it is just like the original, but most of it is.. my spin on it."

Check it out below & stay tuned to learn when Jay is dropping his next album!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


EVERYBODY!!! This record has been SO hyped up by so many people, and that hype could have easily made it a flop. Everyone who got to hear it swore Rih's latest single Diamonds was something special.... they were so freakin' right!

The pop queen from Barbados was so excited this morning to release the song right along with her fans. She was on all of her social media accounts going hard on promo. It's obvious that she loves it too! The record was written by the incomparable singer/songwriter Sia and produced by Stargate and Benny Blanco. The single is off of her next album set to be released soon.

Im just saying if Umbrella was Rih's first signature record... Diamonds has now become one for me! I LOVE it!

Rih's vocals are great.. the track is dope.. the lyrics are special.. just everything works... everything!

Get DIAMONDS on iTunes NOW!

NFL upholds result of Packers-Seahawks game

If you didn't watch the Monday Night Football game between the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks, you missed one of the most egregious errors made by fill-in referees.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

WHY???? MUST See Videos- Lil Wayne in rare form!

In what seems to be one of the worst interviews of all time.. rapper Lil Wayne is totally giving KayKi tease times 100. During a taped deposition for the case he has against Quincy Jones III-who released a documentary about the rapper a few years back, Wayne seems to be totally annoyed.

According to Wayne the documentary wasnt a good portrayal of who he is, so he's suing Quincy. During this deposition Wayne is totally not into the questions big time lawyer Pete Ross (Quincy's attorney) is asking. He barely answers questions and when he does, it's a smart mouth remark. The questions were about everything from his criminal history to his success as a rapper.

Now, anyone who knows me will tell you, a quick way to get under my skin is to ask me the obvious or make me repeat myself. Wayne was a butt hole in this interview, but I totally get his frustration even though I disagree with his execution.

Wayne is very....very smart. He's one of the best word masters we have in the game, so when interviewing him - you have to sort of operate at his level. The judge couldn't even comment on his responses.

Wayne could have cooperated a little bit more than  he did, but I don't think he takes too kindly to people telling him what to do.. the whole "gangster" thing I guess.

You just have to watch the videos...

Monday, September 24, 2012

Chris Brown in Court Today, Judge to Chris- "Take my advice make good choices"

Chris Brown appeared just moments ago in court for probation stemming from his 2009 incident with Rihanna. The people raised a few questions regarding his community service hours as well as a few other possible violations including a failed drug test.

While Chris Brown does hold a marijuana card for legal medical usage in CA, and the judge made it clear that a random drug test was never a part of his probation- she did warn Chris of such usage. "You are not a normal person who can just sit around and do whatever you want." she warned, but did not at the time extend any punishment for the usage of the drug.

The judge also made sure to point out the usage to his mom who was of course in court with him. A few other issues raised were traveling violations-which the judge made almost very clear that she doubts has happened being that she signs off on so many dates for Chris.

It also appears that the probation offices in VA don't send detailed enough reports of Chris' community service. The judge has ordered clarification on both of those issues and set a November date to get it all resolved. The judge and Chris' attorney Mark Geragos seem confident it will be clarified.

Before Chris went in this morning he received an out poor of support and encouragement on twitter from the likes of fans, his mom, as well as Rihanna. The judge seems to want whats best for Chris and handles the case pretty fairly as it appears. I too want whats best for Chris who was very attentive and expressive in court today.

Sometimes you gotta just clean up your surroundings..and do what you have to until you can do what you want. Hopefully no violations are found. The judge has ordered his probation be transferred over to LA completely.

I Just LOVE Jayonce's Style!! (Pics)

Jayonce was spotted out last night at La Marina in Manhattan (one of my FAVE places)! Bey looked so great as always rocking a gorgeous Cavalli fitted dress with some classic Charlotte Olympia pumps. The two dined with close friends while enjoying the scenery.

People were all over twitter and IG when they spotted Bey and Jay.. who of course kept it casual.

I just love when they step out together and she's all glam, but he's in sneaks & jeans. See photos of Jay with best friend Memph Bleek, and Swizz Beats.

Rihanna Talks Diamonds Single!!

Just when youre ready to congratulate Rih on the fact that her TTT album is still charting .. she announces that another one is on it's way, and quickly. Her new single Diamonds that has been creating a huge buzz among industry peers on twitter is set to be premiere Wednesday Morning!

The cover art for the single appeared on her new promo website ( a photo taken by her photographer/bff Melissa Ford), it depicts Rihanna rolling diamonds.. fitting right?

Just after headlining the first night of the iHeart Music Festival, Rih sat down to talk about the new single. She  explains that it's different and hopeful! Rih is too cute in this video & sooo hard working! Get ready... from what I hear from people who know better... this album may be her best YET!

The LEVELS of Adorable that are in this blog post!!!!!!!!

Lord! Im not even a cat person, like... I dont reallly like them, but I have to admitt that Kim K's new kitten Mercy is slowly but surely stealing my whole heart!

I mean.... just look at her!!! Kim has been posting photos of her nonstop since she got her last week! I am just unable to take it!!!!!! 

Can I have her please!!!!

Friday, September 21, 2012

New Music: The Whatley: I am Here, A Robot Love Story-The Mixtape

So... this here is one of my great friends The Whatley an artist like none you've ever met or heard of. Dougie ( as some of his friends refer to him) is a talented producer, songwriter, singer, and over all creative! This isn't the first time you've heard his work. He's been featured on here a couple of times and really if you've heard any of my work 9 times out of 10 he helped me with it.

This mixtape- I AM HERE, A Robot Love Story is a collection of songs inspired by a simple movie TheWhatley saw one day. The movie forces you to identify with the power of love.. using robots..the irony. This mixtape which is sort of a prelude to the incredible album Dougie's working on captures that same essence. The things about love that we cant quite understand- yet they captivate us.

I had a hand in writing/arranging one of the songs on the album ( Many of Us) which features the lovely India Shawn - whom you guys came to love a few weeks back on here. So... get this mixtape! It's like nothing you've heard before..but you'll love it!! So proud of Dougie for releasing a project that is HIS! Yess!!!


Rihanna's Legs are KILLER at the gun range!

Rihanna is in Vegas for the i Heart Music concert and of course she invited her closest family and friends to join her. Her bff Mel and Assistant Jenn are always by her side, but she also flew over her other bff Leandra, cousin Noella, and big little brother Rorrey for the fun.

They have been living it up in Sin city. They pulled an all nighter the first night there, with strippers at that. Yesterday they relaxed by the pool before hitting up the gun range. Im not sure what it is about gun ranges, but we women love to go! 

Rih posted the above pic showing off her killer the looks of that silhouette target sheet- may be more killer than we ever realized! Check out a couple more pics of their time in Vegas below. Love Rih's short and black look! Glad its back!

#AdorableAlert!! Jessica Simpson and daughter Maxwell Drew! (Pics)

Jessica Simpson and her boo Eric Johnson just welcomed their little girl into the world a few months ago. Maxwell Drew seemed to have taken forever to make her grand entrance into the world, but ohhhh the levels of adorable that she brought with her!

In these pics you see Maxwell with both mommy and daddy! I can't take how cute she is. She's a big baby! Jessica Simpson has signed on for weight watchers to try to lose the preggers weight. It appears to be dropping slowly but surely. Check out more pics of the adorable little lady below!

Friday Funday- Umm... do yall like these covers?! Asian Beyonce & Girl Group Frank Ocean

I just.. I dont have anything to say but.. what do you think?!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lady Gaga RAPPING!- Whaaaat?

When you think of Lady Gaga, you probably think of tripped out hair, clothing, or even a great voice, but you may now be forced to think about- rap music?

Her producer DJ White Shadow challenged his followers on twitter to send in a song.. preferably about Gaga- he'd pick one and he'd post it on his soundcloud.

The record he originally posted Cake Like Lady Gaga is a lyrically thugged out track with a beat that would ride in any hood. It was pitched (vocal pitch levels changed) to a lower sounding voice at first- sort of what you'd attribute to "chopped and screwed".

He said the artist wanted to remain anonymous, but that didnt last long. A fan brought the track back up to it's original pitch & guess who it supposedly is....

Hilarious. Like Gaga as a rapper?


Photos of the Moment!

Jay Z & wifey Beyonce held a fundraiser for President Obama and his campaign this past weekend. Racking in a whopping $4 Million to support the President was an amazing accomplishment.

 In these photographs you can see how happy everyone was to come together for a great cause. 

And wow.. Bey is gloowwwiiing! Love it!

The Walls have Ears- Paris Hilton's homophobic gay man rant recorded

Ahh lets see here.. you're Paris Hilton and in a cab with friends (one who is gay according to reports) talking about gay people. Suddenly you're on a rant about gay men being disgusting and having aids and so on. Little do you know the cab driver is recording the conversation.. probably because you're Paris Hilton in his cab.

This is so sad on many levels. First, lets clear up that gay men are not disgusting and they dont all have aids. Paris sounds to be slurring a bit in speech as if she has been drinking or something. Her reps say Paris was simply responding to an isolated story her gay friend was telling her about him knowing of an individual who does have aids and has unprotected sex.

Unfortunately this wasnt just a conversation that someone overheard. It was recorded so, there are really no if ands or buts about what she said. Let this just go to show - as my ex's mom used to say, "The walls have ears.." Watch what you say out of your never know who's listening.


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

#PressPlay: Brandy ft. 2Chainz & Tyga - Put It Down

Looks like some of Chris Brown's homies Tyga, and 2 Chainz have jumped on Brandy's "Put It Down"! The first single from Brandy's highly anticipated album Two Eleven originally featured Breezy, but today we're hearing it remixed with two of the hottest rappers in the game.

Ironically the original featured Breezy as a rapper and not a singer. Check out what 2 Chainz & Tyga had to say about putting it down below.. & TWO ELEVEN in stores 10/16!!!!!

G.O.O.D. Music Interview-Teyana "Some times the fans hype Rihanna Up" (Video)

Kanye's crew stepped into the studio to chat it up with the Breakfast Club to talk about everything! Their compilation album, Cruel Summer just dropped yesterday. The whole crew minus the boss man stepped in.

They discussed Young Money beefs, Teyana talks Rihanna "beef" around the 9 minute mark:

"..  Sometimes the fans hype her up so she say little comments, but it is what it is. I think she cool, I think she dope. I think she's a beautiful girl. I got too much to prove. I got music to make, I got albums to put out... I don't want no problems with nobody. I just want to get my music done." 

They talk personalities within the group. Looks like it's all cool on the G.O.O.D. music end.


President Obama Says He & Jay Z Have A lot in Common

Party goers last night brought more than a good time to the fundraising event held by Jay Z & wife Beyonce last night. The event is said to have racked in 4 million dollars according to Huff post blogger Nida Khan. She was in attendance last night and live tweeted the event. The President & Jay Z have maintained a good friendship since Jay signed on to help influence his fans to get involved in politics during President Obama's first campaign.

Since then the two have mentioned each other numerous times, and even their wives have come to be friends. Looks like the support and friendship is going strong on both ends!

She reported that President Obama and the First Lady had much to say about the Carters saying:

"Beyonce could not be a better role model for my girls...We both have daughters and our wives are more popular than we are. So, you know, we've got a little bond there. It's hard but it's okay."

The President thanked Jay & Bey for their friendship and said his daughters Malia & Sasha were mad they couldnt be there. The night at Jay Z's 40/40 club was a success for the President! Heres to another term!!!

Chicago teachers vote to end strike

Teachers in Chicago on Tuesday agreed to return to the classroom after more than a week of protesting issues related to education reform. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

OMGeee @4EverBrandy Snippets!! #TwoEleven!!!!

So we're anticipating Two Eleven dropping here soon! Bran was on the Tom Joyner morning show and gave us a few snippets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am beyond excited! Im still reliving my moment of meeting her Saturday to all of my friends and family. It was a dream come true. Im so proud! So proud!! 

The whole interview is great but if you're like me.. you'll scroll to the 14 minute mark listen to the snippets.. then listen to the whole interview after lol! If you listen towards the end.. Brandy actually sings live on air! Can't wait for this album!

Two Eleven is in stores October 16th!

@MissyElliott and @Timbaland Ustream & Release TWO NEW SINGLES!!! Yassssss

Yassssssss Missy is back and Timbo is with her. I AM too GEEKED! They are coming for this boring everything sounding the same phase of music with that classic sound they've always had. Of course theyre keeping it relevant but you can still hear/feel that Timbo/Missy style in it.

They've released 2 singles for Missy on iTunes today! "Triple Threat" & "9th Inning"! The vets in the game ustreamed last night for fans and talked a bit about what theyre up to these days and how theyre about to "switch music again". Missy is skinny!!! Thats random, but she looks good. So does Timb!

Yall.. Missy is back! Deal female rappers! Deal! In the background you can hear Mona Scott Young's raspy voice in the background moderating the conversation. Heyyyy Mona. (You probably know her as the producer of Love and Hip Hop- but check her resume.. BOSS!)

Anywho.. check out the ustream & the two singles below! Yall ready for Missy?!? I know I am!

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