Friday, August 24, 2012

WHAT?! @Joan_Rivers Threatens to Slap @Rihanna - Will that not make you an abuser Joan?

When will people learn when enough is enough!? This is the craziest thing Ive seen all week. Comedian/ Actress Joan Rivers took to her twitter page today to say some pretty ridiculous things. First off can we discuss that she is like  just minutes younger than dust- why is she on twitter?!

Honestly, her being on twitter at this age probably wouldn't be such a problem if she exercised some wisdom while using it, but that may be too much to ask. As the old adage goes.. age does not equal wisdom.  Today, in an effort Im assuming to be funny and factual she tweeted that she'd heard Rihanna say she still loves Chris on Oprah and that it's now her turn (Joan) to slap Rihanna.

Now, this is where I get a bit irritated with everybody having such a strong opinion on their reunion (that was not revealed to be true on Oprah..btw- so I dont know why Joan is mad)..but it's the mere fact that you can not fix hate with hate. IS this woman kidding me?! How dare she threaten to slap Rihanna "again". That is in no way comical or helping the plight of eradicating domestic violence. It's just Joan being ignorant.

After Rih clapped back at Joan with a "slow & old" tweet.. Joan attempted to clear it up by telling Rih to check the statistics and come on her show.. Seriously?!

YES statistics do say that most dv offenders will abuse again, but there are exceptions to every statistic. Hell if statistics had their way- I as a 26 yr old black woman should be HIV positive with 3 children all conceived by the age of 20...but I am none of those things.

There are exceptions whether people want to accept it or not. Either way Joan was way.. WAY out of line for saying its her turn to slap Rihanna.

If you want to do something in the fight against domestic violence here are a few things that will NOT help you do it:

1.) Sending Chris Brown hateful tweets/comments/energy every time you see his name/face.
2.) Threatening to hit a woman who has experienced it for saying she loves a man.

Everybody who does these things needs to grow up! Seems she's no better at darn near 80 yrs old in 2012 than a 19 yr old was in 2009. Abuse is abuse! ITS THE SAME THING!

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