Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Kardashian Sisters Want Rita Ora OUT of Rob's Life

As a big sister- I know that my sister and I can be a pain in the rear when it comes to my brother's girlfriends.. this appears to be normal. Rob Kardashian may be experiencing the same thing with his three older sisters. Ha!

The big secret (not) around town ever since Jay Z's latest artist Rita Ora hit the scene is that she and Kim Kardashians little brother Rob have a thing going on. Though they deny it in official interviews, the two have been seen together all over the world. They send each other sweet I love yous over twitter, and Rob promotes her like he's being paid.

Well, it seemed to me that the Kardashian sisters would be all for Rob dating someone like Rita, but this may not be the case. Saturday night Rob went out with a group of friends inluding Lauren London and Rihanna. In the wee hours of the morning Rita took to her twitter raving about missing Rob..

 Where is my baby @RobKardashian ! I need some of him NOW!!!

Though she quickly deleted and claimed to be hacked it didnt go over too well with the twitter world. The next morning Rob's oldest sister Kourtney   tweeted " a ho is a ho is a ho is a ho" which was retweeted by his other sister Khloe with a little extra added on top.

Some assumed this was a diss towards Rihanna after media made up a story about the two spending the night together...but come on- the girls know better! Rob & Rihanna are just friends..they were out with many others enjoying a mutual friend's birthday.

 We may have gotten the answer to who they were actually talking about last night. In a very smart PR move Kim Kardashian tweeted out a photo of herself with little brother Rob.

 Just the day before an epsidoed of their show Keeping up with the Kardashians showed Rob in tears over how his family doesn't support him amongst other things. As to not stop with just the photo she then randomly tweets the following:

That tweet was immediately retweeted by Khloe who doesnt follow Rita anymore.  Hmm.. did something happen between Rob & Rita causing big sisters' claws to come out!? We probably will have to wait on the next season of KUWTK to find out. In the meantime.. Rob re- followed Rita and tweeted about her album...

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