Thursday, August 2, 2012

Solange shares photos from Vacation- Am I the only one who LOVES her?!

There is something so effortlessly beautiful about Solange Knowles. Even living as "Beyonce" 's kid sister, she's always maintained her own sense of self. Her fashion game is on point and her public persona is great. She recently shared  some photos of her vacation with boo and friends on her personal tumblr.

The pictures are great. They only encourage my thinking that her sense of style is incredibly dope. These photos are basically art. Im sure help that her boyfriend is a videographer, because the way these photos have come out is brilliant! The pics include a topless Solange, her BEAUTIFUL son Julez, her boo Alan, and other friends.

 Solange seems to be on the modeling  and Dj'ing tip more as of late,  but if youre anything like me, youre waiting on another album.

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