Tuesday, August 28, 2012

So @Rihanna is just gonna wear THIS & make it look hot?- whatever.

Ok, so, heres the thing. Rihanna pretty much wears what she wants. Some of it doesnt even make any sense to the common man, but she puts it on and BOOM.. it works. 

Rih is in London working on her line with  River Island and was spotted out this morning rocking one of those outfits you nor I could get away with. 

The ensemble includes a  Kenzo Eiffell Tower log sweater , a green Kenzo cap, a pair of denim shorts that she seems to love, Opening Ceremony's Mary Ellen leopard booties, and her new fave Gucci bag. 

All pretty much a stretch.. but she looks amazing!! Seriously..what is it about Rihanna that allows her to get away with this stuff & don't say money because Im not impressed by that. She actually brings these fits together somehow! Werrrrrk Rih!

More photos here

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