Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Rob Kardashian Speaks to Ryan Seacrest about Rihanna

Over the weekend, it was announced by many media sources that Rihanna and Rob Kardashian went on a day/night long date last Saturday. Even though they were out with a group of people, the media overlooked the others and pinned the two young Pisces together.

For the first time Rob is speaking out about those rumors to good friend and radio personality Ryan Seacrest.  He also spoke about his break down on the last episode of KUWTK. Rob is extremely emotional and expressive. His relationship with Kim is very interesting to say the least. 

“It’s because Rihanna’s a friend, and she is friends with my friend Capricorn, and it was her birthday. Then we all went out to celebrate our friend’s birthday. It was fun! It was a good night!”
He also answered questions about his girlfriend Rita Ora...who he's "not dating" but ok. lol Click HERE for the full interview.

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