Friday, August 10, 2012

@Rihanna Sits Down With @Oprah! More Of Her Interview Revealed

Rih Rih is spotted here in a photoshoot for tourism promo for her native Barbados. She had a couple of different looks all capturing her natural beauty and that of her beautiful home. Rih modeled on the beach in a long yellow gown as seen above. Is it me or does Rih appear to have a ... never-mind. Anywho to see more photos of Rih's photoshoot look here!

Last week while in Barbados she got a visit from Oprah! Fans have been dyyyyiiiing to know what Oprah's experience with Rihanna was like... this video says so much!! The show will aire on August 19th!!

Oprah describes her view of Rih

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