Thursday, August 16, 2012

#PressPlay! New Music @IndiaShawn ft. @HitBoy & @Fauntleroy - "All I Have"

Remember Neither Do We?! Yall loved it!! Well.. Singer/songwriter India Shawn is teaming up with some other equally talented folks you know this time around.

Heavy hitting producer/rapper Hitboy- probably most known right now for being responsible for the insane production of Jay Z & Kanye's N*ggas in Paris amongst other things is one of the collaborators.

 The other is one of my favorite singer/songwriters Grammy award winning James Fauntleroy  (Beyonce, Britney Spears,Chris Brown) - who if you follow me on twitter you see me tweet about all of the time.

The record, All I Have is an introduction to what listeners can expect from India's first release ORIGIN. Also on the pen & production is one of music's hottest up and coming writers John  Key!

While the song features one of hip hop's hottest artists and one of pop/r&b's hottest artists- the message is clear- India Shawn is definitely not "industry" at all and thats just like fresh water to me!

Hear it below! And you can download it for FREE by clicking HERE!

"All I all I need"