Sunday, August 5, 2012

#PressPlay - #Aaliyah ft. Drake Enough Said

You have to be totally uninterested in this dude to not know how obsessed he is with the beautiful deceased singer Aaliyah. It's a lot. He's tatted pictures of her face on his body, written love letters to her, and openly admitted to loving her. It sorta reminds me of a present day teenage fan obsession. So, to hear her beautiful voice reach out seemingly from the abyss accompanied by a few bars from him is no huge surprise.

The only surprise is that Aaliyah's friends and longtime music collaborators Missy Elliot and Timbaland didnt have a hand in this "Single". Being that they are pretty much responsible for Aaliyah's sound- it's rather interesting that Drake and Aaliyah's uncle's camp- Blackground gave the go ahead on another "single" from her minus the familiar sounds of Missy & Timbo.

Anywho- Im not in LOVE with the song at all, but check it out below. Dare we say Drake is STILL talking about his beef with Chris Brown? <_ p="p">

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