Monday, August 13, 2012

@Ochocinco's friend "He's actually in good spirits."

According to the police report released in the DV altercation that occurred Saturday night between Chad Ochocinco Johnson & new wife Evelyn Lozada- the altercation wasnt simply a spat in the car. The report reveals a few minor details.

The two were in an altercation over a receipt for condoms. The report claims that Chad headbutted Ev before screaming that he doesn't give a f*ck about his career. Interestingly enough- he was dropped from the Miami Dolphins yesterday in response to this altercation- foreshadowing much?

Evelyn fled on foot to a neighbors home, where she called the police. Chad was seen driving around the neighborhood looking for her. The police officer who responded said that Chad's story was a bit different, admitting to the argument, but saying that Ev actually got mad and head butted him.

This is all very sad. Speculation is everywhere that its a publicity stunt. As little faith in integrity that I have in reality shows... Id hope they wouldnt play with such a serious issue.

 A friend of Ocho's - comedian Benji Brown took to twitter yesterday and revealed he'd just spoken to the football star and reported that  people are "more upset about this than he is" and that he is in good spirits.

Hoping this is resolved and people are allowed to move on and live their lives. It's sorta hard when youre a couple with a REALITY show to exclude the public from even such a personal matter. Chad was released on bond yesterday and ordered to stay away from Evelyn.


Vh1 just announced that the Ev & Ocho show has been pulled from their schedule... YIKES! 911 Call has been released... hear the neighbor's call here.

Source: TMZ

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