Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How OWN Made most of @Rihanna's Interview With @Oprah About Chris Brown

Since the interview Sunday, OWN has been releasing a few clips that didn't quite make the show. Rihanna was so candid in speaking with Oprah about many things even though the producers chose to make the show mainly about one thing. It's obvious to me,with all of these extra clips being released, that someone in editing made a choice to focus mainly on Rih's relationship with Chris Brown. So, before we go saying that he was all Rihanna had to talk about- lets consider the obvious. She talked about waaaayyy more!

Below are a few more outtakes you didnt see. Rihanna reveals that people misunderstood her at the top of her career, and explains how fame has affected the way her family treats her. It's always been clear to me that Rihanna LOVES her younger brothers. She's seen with them often and has made it very clear that the yongest one- Rajad is her baby!!

As for the rumors at the top of her career, I TOTALLY get the whole people thinking she's snobbish thing. I experience that from time to time, and I am nothing like snobbish.

Rih hasn't missed one beat on social media since this amazing interview aired Sunday. It's like she's totally ok with speaking her truth and moving forward. Her IG likes for fans and hilarious/inspirational tweets have simply continued and she hasnt said much personally about the interview...maybe until early this morning.

In my inability to sleep last night I took to twatching (twitter watching) and in the wee hours of the morning Rih simply tweeted-
 "I am the truth and the rumor." 

Hmmmm.....ok Rih.. lol check out the interview clips of other things Rih shared with Oprah below.

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