Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mid week Inspiration #PressPlay- J.Moss - Good & Bad

So, Im thinking about regularly posting some inspirational/uplifting music on the site just as much as I post the other stuff. The reality is that music touches the soul and spirit. Just as some of the other music can make you happy, sad, make you wanna dance, or do other things- inspirational music can make you thankful, motivated, and ultimately help you grow as a person.

So, to kick things off, Im starting with this jam by producer/singer/songwriter J. Moss Good & Bad. He definitely spoke for ALL of us with this one. I hope you know that you are worth so much, because God has forgiven you and kept you through all of your struggles and mistakes. Forgive yourself and keep moving forward. 

You love me through my good --You love me through my bad  
You love me through my good --You love me through my bad  
You didn't erase my future because of my past  
I'm glad You loved me through my good & bad  

You keep on loving me ...  

Video below for mobile users

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