Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kirk Franklin Signs young AMAZING siblings - The Walls Group

This is cool! A few years back my oldest brother introduced me to some videos on youtube of this group of siblings singing together. My siblings and I truly appreciated it, because we grew up doing the exact same thing. Their talents were incredible, their tones, blend, technique- were all commendable. They were young too! Darrel is now 20, Rhea 16, Paco 15, and Ahja 14...so it was very impressive to listen to them!

The Walls Group are four siblings hailing from Texas. Their parents are both musicians, so they grew up surrounded by music and encouraged to pursue it. They just released their self titled debut album not too long ago solidifying their dedication to their careers. This dedication, their incredible talents, and a little help from some other singers led these four siblings to the ears of Grammy award winning artist Kirk Franklin.

Obviously Kirk loved them- he announced last night that they are now the first artists to be signed to his label, Fo Yo Soul!! This is major for them!!  Kirk Franklin is one of the most respected, innovative, and successful people in gospel music. The match is perfect! Im excited to see what is made of this collaboration!! If you've never heard them before.. check out the video below! Congrats to them!

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