Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Jay Z & Beyonce's Big Secret!!

It's rare to see a couple surviving the entertainment industry, but the Carters have managed to show us how its done! The number 1 couple in hip hop, music, and everything else (in the eyes of many) have once again regained their title as the highest paid celeb couple.With a whopping 73 MILLION combined these two sit nicely at the top of Forbes' list. Last year they came in second place, and Im sure they couldnt have cared less.

Whats interesting though is, outside of the WTT album/tour it seems as though this was a pretty relaxed year for them. Taking time off to raise their new baby Blue Ivy seemed to have been their priority. A closer look at this year reveals that even in the midst of the most important time of their lives- they still managed to work and let the money work for them.

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It appears that sticking together and keeping their relationship on the low has been beneficial for them in more ways than one. They are probably the most known celeb couple, but the one we know the least about really. All we know is that they work well together and stack up the dollars. How they manage to do that, we'll probably never know.

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