Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Fun: Ok #TeamBreezy & #RihannaNavy lets settle this! Who has the hottest BFFS?!

So, for a few months now Ive been following some true Rihanna & Chris Brown fans on twitter. This has led me to a few discoveries. One being just how much fans love Chris & Rih's best friends!

Chris Brown and Rihanna are known hotties! I went on the longest twitter rant last night about how BAD Rih is..and Chris..the older he gets- the harder it is for me to keep this "kid brother" image in my head. What is even more interesting though is - not only are they hot, but - have you seen their Bffs?!

Though other people are around Chris & Rihanna it is clear to me that the core has always been Mijo & Keeis for Chris & Mel & Lele for Rihanna!

There are fans who literally stan for Chrianna's closest friends. Mel & Lele both  are extremely hot and arent afraid to show it on Instagram.  Then you have Mijo and Keeis who roll with Chris .. and literally have the ladies in both Rih & Chris' crew going crazy!

So.. just for fun... lets settle this once and for all.. who has the hotter BFFS?! Take the poll below the pics!!

Rihanna BFFS



Chris BFFs



You can vote for more than one!
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  1. M$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!! Melissa is sexy af.

  2. damn mijo or whatever is sexy!

    1. LOL! He got yall cursing and everything huh!? Funny! xo

  3. What kind of names are these?Mijo and Keeis are those they real names?They both cute in weird ways.

    1. You know what...I have no idea, but I can try to find out. xo