Monday, July 30, 2012

When Celebrities ClapBack- Oprah Edition

Unfortunately people in the public eye catch a lot of hate on social media sites. There are actually twitter accounts that do nothing but troll celebs and send them hateful tweets.. crazy right?

Every once in a while though people stumble across the wrong celeb with some unnecessary negativity and get what Rihanna made popularly known as- "the clapback".

This happens when a celeb actually takes the time to respond to some ridiculous tweet from someone who sent it in the wrong spirit. In today's edition- its Auntie O clapping back on some dude trying to come for her without merit.

Then after she checks his insult about not giving back to the hood- another person comes for more.Auntie O handled this in a very "Oprahlike" way...... lol

Check the hilarity out below:

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