Thursday, July 26, 2012

#PressPlay Jhene Aiko's Love Song to her Brother RIL: Miyagi

I had the pleasure of chatting with Jhene a few months ago. While we skyped I realized just how beautiful she was inside and out. So, needless to say my heart broke as I witnessed her go through this loss- even though I don't know her well.

Jhene has been sharing the battle her brother has had with brain cancer for a while now on twitter. She at first hinted to it, but eventually fans were able to fully understand the seriousness of his condition. Unfortunately ( and fortunately) Miyagi found rest from his battle just a few days ago.

Jhene obviously shared a special bond with him and has used her presence on social media to share her memories and love for her big brother. Others on twitter who knew him are Jhene's amen choir as they echo they incredible soul he is. Now that his body has found rest my heart goes out to their entire family.

Jhene wrote/sang a beautiful tribute to him. Check it out below. Make sure the people you love know that you love them.. tomorrow is not yours to claim. Enjoy this beautiful song and Jhene's incredible voice!! Lord this girl is amazing.
I wrote and recorded this myself on my lap top, for my brother…. Miyagi . this song was really just intended for him to hear….. but i thought it would be nice to share …. i was so nervous to play it for him myself, so when i left to San Francisco on Thursday I had my TT play it for him…. She said his breath got calm as he listened and i know he heard every word …. later that night he became the angel he was born to be and i am so grateful that he got to hear this before he left on his infinite journey…. now i hear him telling ME , what i was singing to him… to not give up . i love you SO much Miyagi!!!! . Everything x2 now. Everything for you now ….

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