Monday, July 23, 2012

President Obama Visits Victims and Families in Aurora CO + Addresses Nation (Video)

This is always so touching, when a community comes together to honor those who have lost their lives.  Our President Obama, was among those in Aurora Colorado in total shock of what had unfolded. James Holmes opened up fire at the premiere of the Black Knight Friday morning, killing 12 and wounding 58 people the youngest being a 3 month old.

The President met with families and victims in a nearby hospital just before the vigil aired live. From that very place he addressed the nation. President Obama was his usual calm and encouraging self. As noted- he made it clear that in this moment he felt less of a "President" and more of a "Father & Husband".

He gave a comforting scripture and began to express encouraging words and stories, letting the victims and families know that the nation is praying for them! The story he shared is remarkable, and is a tale of true friendship.

There is evil in this world, but there is also good!!! I pray that this tragedy proves that.

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