Friday, July 20, 2012

#PrayersUp Gunman opens fire at Dark Knight Rises premiere

A gunman who has been identified as 24 yr old James Holmes walked into a CO movie premiere of the Dark Knight Rises & opened fire. Witnesses say he wore "swat" like attire & shot people one by one as they tried to exit.

As of now the death toll is at least 12 with the youngest injured being a 3 month old. Holmes is said to have had guns and gas on him at the time of the shooting. This story is still developing, but it is not being considered an act of terrorism at this time.

This is an incredibly heartbreaking moment. These victims were innocent people thinking they were in a safe place and just like that it turned into a disaster. Many people are devastated by the tragedy.

Even our President has released a statement. President Obama:
'Michelle and I are shocked and saddened by the horrific and tragic shooting in Colorado'
- White House Statement

So many people (including myself) were looking forward to seeing this latest release of the Batman saga. I am a huge fan. It's sad to think that something that once made people do happy will now forever be a reminder of this tragic morning.

Our prayers go up for all affected by the Dark Knight Massacre.

Photo of Holmes (TMZ)

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