Thursday, July 19, 2012

#MissThis??? George Zimmerman's First Interview- He doesnt regret anything..

In his first interview since he shot Trayvon Martin- George Zimmerman told his side of all f the events that have unfolded. While Fox News' Hannity asked leading questions and pretty much answered all of the for Zimmerman as the interview went on- the viewing audience tried to better understand why a man would have followed after and killed a 17 yr old boy.

In the interview, Zimmerman shocked the world as he was asked if he regrets anything or would do anything differently, and he answered no. He apologized to the parents of Trayvon Martin, but said he wouldnt change what God willed to happen. To have no regrets about what happened at all saddens me. Maybe he felt he had a reason to protect himself, and I wasn't there so I have no clue what actually happened.

In the same sense, he has to have some accountability for following after Trayvon from the beginning. Had he not done that, he'd have no reason to protect himself. He had no regrets about doing that. Unbelievable. Hannity gave a very one sided interview. It was difficult to watch really. Trayvon Martin's family is still greiving the loss of their son/brother/nephew/grandchild. Zimmerman extended his apology to them for having to bury Trayvon, but in the same breath said he doesnt regret what he did... confusion.

If you missed it and you wanna check out the full interview -it's below.

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