Monday, July 30, 2012

Drake's Attorneys Say He Hasn't received any royalty checks- May Be Leaving YM/CM

Yikes! This is interesting. Looks like things are about to get a little messy in the YMCMB camp. Drake is not actually the plaintiff, but the man who "found" him is- "Prince". He has gotten all attorney'd up and papers have been filed to sue management over at YM/CM for his part in bringing Drake to the world. Supposedly he hasn't been paid what he was promised for his role in Drake's career. Most interesting to me is that Drake's attorneys responded to this situation with the claim that he hasn't received royalties from YM/CM.

Yes- you read that correctly! The documents are a pretty lengthy read, but to sum it up- Prince claims he hasn't been paid and Drake's attorneys claim he hasnt seen a royalty check. This could basically mean that YM/CM are in breach of whatever contract he signed because of their failure to pay up.

The legal documents filed in New York are very thorough as to YM/CM giving the run around about when Prince is meant to be paid.
While this may seem TOO horrible to happen- it happens more often than not I'd guess.

A little industry info for ya-  Often a label (YM) can collect all monies they have paid out to build up/market/ sell/ a particular artist for whatever before that artist starts to actually see any of that money they earn. In a sense- the artist at first is indebted to the label until they have paid the label back... so, this leaves opportunity for labels who are not dealing fairly to really mess with the pockets of artists.

So, this is not necessarily a beef between Drake & anybody just yet- it's the grimey behind the scenes stuff that needs looking into. If this is true- it sucks. Sad reality is that Drake should be seeing crazy checks in royalties and to not have gotten any of it is ridiculous. Welcome to the industry!!!!!

Not sure why the Young Money Billionaires can't pay their artist when they are balling so hard............................ Drake's a beast in the game right now- hope they can figure something out before he's ghost.

See Full Court Documents HERE! Exhibit F for Drake's Attorney's claims in detail!

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  1. I have been saying this for years! Something ain't right with they money. They claim to have too much. Wayne sell like crazy. Come on now!