Tuesday, July 3, 2012

@ChrisBrown's FORTUNE is out Today!!! + BET's "Defining Moments" Special with CB (Vid)

Today is the day! Chris Brown's highly anticipated album FORTUNE drops today with very little if no disappointments. The album which features some incredibly talented songwriters and producers takes Chris' fan base back to what the loved about him to begin with- the man can sing!

In preparation for the album Chris has done quite a bit of promo at the very last minute. He'd vowed to not do any interviews for the year but, when the album date drew nearer, he broke that promise rather quickly! For good reason though. He had to get Team Breezy just as excited as he was and he knew the way to get it done was to open up and talk to them.

Just yesterday BET aired their "Defining Moments" Special with Chris. It gave him a chance to talk about the moments in his career that stick out to him. Check out some of it below and GO GET FORTUNE! Its DOPE!!!

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