Monday, July 23, 2012

Chris Brown Lands in St. Tropez (where Rihanna is ) & His New Movie Trailer - Battle of the Year

Rih has been vacationing for about a week now iwth her girlfriends. From the pictures- she's having a ball, but hasnt stopped liking old pics of herself and Chris Brown on instagram, or hinting that she has a "boo". 

Just yesterday it was revealed that Chris had just landed in St. Tropez where she is to shoot a video with Ludacris (who is also there). Around the same time Rihanna went on a little twitter rant about love & touching down. lol

Coincidence? How ironic that out of all of the places in the world- these two are there.. together.. amongst rumors they really are back together? Interesting right?! 

Over the weekend Chris also tweeted out the link to the trailer of his brand new break dancing themed movie-  Battle of the Year. It looks like Chris plays a lead role in the film, and it's obvious now why he's blonde again.

Check out the trailer below.

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