Thursday, July 19, 2012

#BeachBodAlert!!!! Rihanna & Her Girls Look GREAT on their Yacht & Rih has a "Boo"????!

So, Rih decided to take a much neeeded vacation with her best friends. She has been in such great spirits on her trip. They've been spotted on the boat, out shopping, clubbing of course and just having a great time. She's been tweeting and posting photos with her friends!!

She's even seemed to hint at a new boo- she's been liking lots of lovey dovey pictures on Instagram of her and ex Chris Brown. 

Yesterday she tweeted this pic that said "For my boo". 

Fans suspect that their reunion is closer than ever. It's great to see anyone in a happy place and celebrating with friends! Check out more photos of Rih on her vacay HERE!

1 comment:

  1. keyki i dont know why u support a woman gettin back with someone who beat the shit out of her.