Friday, June 1, 2012

Rihanna Lets Reporter HAVE it in Esquire UK interview!

This morning a fan or Rihanna's complimented her for "reading" her Esquire UK interviewer. She immediately replied, that it wasnt something she wanted to do. Rih Rih has been known for being straight forward these days moreso than ever with reporters and such, and this Esquire UK interview was no different!

The interviewer prefaces his convo with Rihanna making it very obvious that she's been working non stop and has more than enough business to talk about- but seems to wish only to discuss her personal life once the interview jumps off.

Yesterday her sexy photoshoot from the feature appeared online and everyone went cray.. she turns up the sexy every time! Check out those photos here!

Thanks to our friends at we have the screen caps! This girl is hilarious! Click on the images to make them larger. Read Rihanna talk about her relationship with Chris, her love with Adele, her desire to see Cheryl Crow bend over, and her movie roles (she's shooting the comedy right now!) lol

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