Monday, June 4, 2012

Rihanna & Chris Brown Both Party at Greystone Last Night- HOL' UP! Is Rih Rih Crying?! (Vid)

Rihanna was spotted in the same club again as her ex Chris Brown and his girlfriend Karrueche last night. According to people on twitter in the club with them, he couldn't keep his eyes off of her. Here is one person's account of what they saw.. (read photos from bottom to top)

According to this partygoer- Chris couldnt keep his eyes off of Rih who left the club before he and Karrueche.

While exiting as you'll see in the below video- Rih  appeared to be very sad in the car as best friend Melissa looked on with sympathy, and probably for great reason.

A couple of days ago Rih's other bff Leandra asked us on instagram to pray for Rih's grandmother who is battling cancer. Rihanna made a quick trip to NY and tweeted this photo and caption:

Came to NY, just for this moment right here!

Rih was spotted exiting the cancer treatment center where her GranGran is receiving treatment, looking rather sad arm in arm with her Papa. Even if Rih's apparent sadness last night didnt have anything to do with Chris, it's obvious she's under loads of stress right now.

Considering the tweet Rih sent out then deleted the other day, my prayers go up! It seems like she has a lot going on, but she seems like a strong person who has faith and great friends and family- she'll be ok Im sure!

Rih leaves soon for London for a bit... lets keep her in our prayers!

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