Friday, June 8, 2012

Pastor Creflo Dollar arrested for "attacking daughter"

Creflo Dollar is a very popular Pastor and the founder of World Changers Church International here in metro Atlanta. Today, he's in the news for  being arrested Friday for reportedly attacking his 15 yr old daughter.

The report says that she called the police after an argument which led to him attacking her by choking, throwing her on the ground, punching her, and hitting her with a shoe. He'd told her she couldn't attend a party and that obviously didn't sit well with the 15 yr. old.  He was charged with simple battery and cruelty to children. Police arrested him, but he posted bail same day.

Creflo admits he spanked his daughter and wrestled her to the ground because she hit him. The "spanking" debate is in full swing on twitter and facebook now- some feel it was an old fashioned spanking for raising up against her father. Others think it was too much and he was rightfully arrested.

I know personally I've seen my mom administer some pretty serious spankings, and Ive been on the receiving end of a couple ;) .. I just think we should keep this family in our prayers..

What do you guys think?? "Attack"  or old fashioned spanking & does either sit well with you!?


  1. idk kayki sumtimes old fashion whoopins are to much to u know?

  2. We don't know what really happened (on either side of the story) so I hope and pray that people don't rush to judgement and I most certainly agree that we should keep them in our prayers. Such a sad situation.

  3. Girl this was probably one of them good black whoopins! And this generation are quick to call the cops. I wish I would've called the cops on Gloria or Johnnie...I wouldn't be commenting on this blog today LOL! I don't know the full story, but listen...spare the rod, spoil the child.